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May 12, 2003
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Hi Geekettes!

Just thought I would share with you all the fact that I am absolutley smitten!

I've been dating somebody for a couple of months now, and we recently started going out with each other. He is amazing, and I am so unbelievably happy.

He runs his own business also so is really understanding and also a huge help to me. He has helped me revise for all my exams and he is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! (I think so anyway! ;) )

I know this isn't to do with nails but just wanted to rave about the fact that MY NEW BOYFRIEND is bloody fabulous! :p

Okay that's all! :D :lol:
Glad to hear that youve found a good model, Hang on to him because there hard to find.
Fabulous........ hope everything works out for you!!!!
aah thats good to hear definately hold on to him, my boyfriend is also a rare one lol! x
Hey, be sure to invite us all to the wedding ;) (just kidding)
Be sure to enjoy :)
Glad you are happy, it helps everything else fall into place when you have that special someone.:D
Good for you babe sounds like it's your year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses
Dawnie xxxxxx
Nice one Babe xxxxxx
Sounds like smitten big time lol !!!!!!!!
aww bless that is so sweet,its ace when your in the first throws of romance, i hope it keeps being fab for you,
Hey BN03 - Well Done you - when you find a good un - hang on to him!! I have managed to so far!!! :eek:
has he got nice nails to practice on ?
Glad to hear your happy hold on to him the best r hard to find
good for you!!!! best wishes for a fabulous future!!
Hahahaha! Thank you Ladies!

It is still going strong and he met my Mum last night!!!!!!! :eek:

She adores him and they got on really well which is great! Then I took him out for a meal to say Thank You for helping me through my exams. Which by the way are FINALLY over!

As for his nails ..........HE IS A NAIL BITER!!!!!!! :twisted:

And I can't possibly have that, so I am working on him. I have told him that if he doesn't stop biting them then I will paint them PINK in his sleep and then hide the polish remover! :)
great news hon, so glad you found a good one.
thats it , you torture him, my poor bloke lets me try anything on him, must say though he loves his facials, and mani's and pedi's he doesnt love the waxing so much though (cant understand why!! lol :lol: ) hope everything carries on being great for ya,love dee
Woohoo good on ya girl, so please you cant beat a bit of lovin,,,

Have you done a manciure on him yet? maybe the pampering will help stop him biting..?
Fab Freak said:
Woohoo good on ya girl, so please you cant beat a bit of lovin,,,

Have you done a manciure on him yet? maybe the pampering will help stop him biting..?

Not managed a manicure yet, but he dared to sit in my Salon the other day and start biting his nails! :eek: :evil:

So, I got my manicure nippers out and trimmed off the bad edges so that he had nothing to bite but they looked neater. He wasn't happy at first but then he had to admit it was a lot better than before and looked nicer! :lol:

So I am working on it and getting closer! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
My boyfriend bites his nails too and and has the most horrifle feet i've ever seen (poor thing :(), he never lets me do anything to his hand and i'm not a pedicurist so i can't anything for his feet either, but sometimes i try to remove the calosities he has :(, but he always moan...

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