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Mar 24, 2004
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Just wanted to say thanks to Geeg who helped me with the lifting i was experiencing to all my nails. Geeg told me to make sure i press firmly all around the nail especially the side walls and cuticle area, since doing this my nails have improved 90%!!! Thanks Geeg.

One thing that is bugging me though, i have my middle finger of my right hand only which seems to lift completely in zone 3 and partly in zone 2. As this is the only finger out of both my hands that it happens to, (the last two times i have done them.) and i do everything the same to all fingers what can i possibly be doing wrong?????:confused:

Any suggestions????? As totally bewildered......:o
Really need help with this one finger lifting thing. I've obviously done something wrong somewhere, but the fact it is only one finger really is confusing????:sad:
My guess is that you're right handed and the lifting is more on the side nearest to your fore finger?

If this is the case, look at this finger and you will probably find that the skin of the finger does not protect the whole lenght of this side of the nail due to writing, holding your brush etc. This makes this part of the nail very unprotected and vulnarable.

Possible solution: take extra care in removing cuticle here and ather prep steps, press the overlay a bit harder when applying and use oil every day, especially here.

Hope it helps
Its actually worse on the other side, i can see what you're saying but its better next to my forefinger. My right hand is always the worst but as i said its only one finger. Usually all of them have it, but after Geeg's advice its improved alot.
Have gone out and bought a different primer, a brush on one. I was using the primer pen so it could be that i suppose.
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