great prep tutorial and what do I do now?


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Jan 13, 2003
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Akron, Ohio
I've been having some problems with my l/p clients. So, I've read the prep tutorial, maybe I've been a bit "hard" or "vigorous" on my people, I would like to change my ways. What now? Do I soak off and start over, being gentle of course? I'm perplexed.
Also do you have clients soak off every 3-6 months, this has been suggested to me, I'm just not sure.
Thanks in advance
Hi Holly

No need to soak off and start over, when your clients come in for their rebalance just make sure you remove all product that may be lifting, thin the enhancement as you usually would and follow Sams tutorial with your prep! if you were concerned with your sanitation procedures, make sure you check the clients nail thoroughly, any problem then i recommend you remove them.

No, there is no need to soak off enhancements every few months, unless someone wishes to do so or if any problems arise, which after reading the tutorial will NOT happen :lol: I know some people soak off if they use white tips and not white powder, gel or more than white.

best wishes
Sue x
Dont worry about soaking off just to restart with fresh techniques as long as the nails are holding up... just start them with your new prep approach from now on.
As suey mentioned, there is no need to soak nails off on a regular basis as long as your application and prep is good. Soaking nails off is one of the most traumatic things that you can actually do as it massively dehdrates the skin and plate.
sawasdee ka

Last nite i print in internet shop the 3 tutorial you make and look very very very number 1 and i print the tutorials lady show hooked on nails .

Tomorrow i sit long time read every thing .

Thank you for tutorial mui
My pleasure Mui. I have had most of that tutorial about for awhile but I didnt think it would get the reception it has so far. Otherwise I would have put it up much earlier.

As always geek my hat off to ya hun another great master piece :green:
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