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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys and girls my build has gone all gunky must have been some activator snuck its way in there ! I have the larger one with the nozzel but would like to continue to use the brush on method so my question is can the build bottle be de gunked :D and if so what is the best way to go about it i didnt want to go cleaning it all up with actetone incase brush and bottle are not actetone proof! :? thanks peeps ;)
Well the brush in the builder bottle does not respond to acetone that well, but why not use an empty nail enamel bottle and refill that with build...........the brush on that will stand up to acetone.......I have done that in the past................. or re-order a small bottle of build from OSNS.........
cheers ruthy!! will do
no matter how much i clean the build and bond bottles after use i can not get them open... have to resort to using the dorr frame.... ukk!!!
Hi ya,
try this................ run the bottle top under very hot water.....then get grippers and twist............
For future bottles............
After each use wipe the bottle neck with a lintfree pad and some acetone, then wipe a drop of solar oil round the neck.......... this will stop it from sticking........ Works for me .....
You have Got to be getting adhesive around the neck of your bottle to be having this problem.

I absolutely never have a clogged top ... but then I absolutely never wipe the brush against the edge of the rim of the bottle, but always inside the neck of the bottle. AND the fabric# bottles are the most non-clogging-type -bottles used in any nail enhancement wrap system!!

Good working habits here are a must ... also always store your bottles upright (although I sometimes do not and I still don't have a problem). Another key is to screw the lids on tight after use. Some mistakenly think if they leave the tops loose, they will be easier to open ... wrong.

I personally never find it necessary to ever wipe my bottles or to use SolarOil on them. If it works for you fine, but what will really work is to not get any adhesive on the outside of the bottle in the first place :oops:
Geeg is right work smart not hard...... :thumbsup: .......
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