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Jan 25, 2004
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OK the nail comp is drawing close, monday in fact!!! :eek: first comp i have ever entered and i am having problems!!

i have entered the photographic one geisha theme, i have paid got my pic, but i have not recieved my labels to put on the back of the pic maybe due to the postal strike but also i think i may not be able to go!!

thankfully i have found a courier to deliever it but how do i find out how i did and how do i get my pic back, the number i have is now closed due to the show starting but i was wondering if i sent a prepaid envlope with my pic would they send it back to me with my score sheet.

i am so gutted i may not be able to go but just need to know what you guys think!!! will they still accept my pic without my competition label numbers, i know i am in as my card has been charged and i recieved a letter with rules and regs in it.

thanks guys!
I phoned earlier this week with the exact same question about the labels, we don't get the numbered labels, they put them on for us at the show,
i was told this was to prevent any cheating.
Somebody will post the results on here, so that is how you will know if you have placed.
Not sure weather they post it back to you, it just says that if there not collected after the results that they keep them ?
Have you tried to PM chocolate on here with your queries, she is the person who organises the comps hth
thanks for that i have just PM her so hopefully she will get it and can help me, i so hope i can still enter, this is my first comp and feel everything is going wrong.
I know that feeling only too well, i had a friend do my photos who is meant to be good at it,
i went to his house and spent about an hour telling him what needed editing and he got it so i was more or less happy with it, put it on a disc for me to get printed, i took it today to get printed and he has only gone and put the unedited shot on the disc so the pic is crap to say the least,
and to cap it off he is in scotland now so i cant get to him to wring his neck like i would like to,
i have had to close the salon and spend half the day trailing round photo shops to find one that is willing to edit it for me, managed to find one at 4.50pm and i have to go back for it tomorrow so fingers crossed it will be good enough to enter or i will be the first geek on the news on a murder charge lol
I will definitely be paying a professional next time or doing a photography course myself
dont worry!!
im sure you can ask on here for someone to send the pic back to you if they go to the show?
start a thread and maybe some one will offer??
jac extreme ( what a darling!) sent mine back to me, with my scoresheet when i did mine
and she text me with the reults and i put them on here,
just start a new thread and put your mind at ease
oh and the very best of luck!! xxxx
I have just PM'd you. Dont worry, any that are not collected i will keep and send back to you. I will post the results on here asap but please PM me again if you have any worries.

P.S. Whos idea was it to run a competition, i have labels and registration sheets coming out of my ears and i missed Eastenders! Im well over by flight baggage allowance but that is mainly due to the amount of chocolate im taking! Its all good fun!! Ha ha!!

Good luck guys and look forward to seeing you Sunday! xx
thank you so much for your replies, i have been freaking out about this all week!! you can't have a worst week than what i have had, everything going wrong then to top it off my partner got admitted to hospital last night and i was there until 5 this morning!!!! can't wait for this week to be over lol

thank you for reply i knew i could count on the geeks, we geeks stick together!!!:)

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