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hello everyone im a nail tech and was hoping to get some advice for a girl i used to work with its a bit of a mouthfull so here goes.....

my fellow coluege done a full head micro ring extensions for a lady 2 months ago gave her after care advice ect and 2 weeks later the ladys daulter phoned her realy abousive down the phone saying that some of the extensions had falen out while being brushed but my friend couldent do anything about them as the lady was going on holidy later that day so she carmley told the daulter to get a pair or plyers and go round the hole head and reapply pressure on all the rings, then 6 weeks after that the client came round her house where she works from and said more ahve come out and after looking at them she asked the client if she suffers with oily hair and the client said yes and that she sometimes had to wash it twice a day so my friend said thats why the rings are slipping out also with the contiouses washing of the hair, so she said to the client that she would have a think and let her no what could be done,

the client asked to be txt as she works alot so she txt the client saying that she could do bonding extensions using some of the hair left and some she had in storage and would only charge her 75% of the full cost, the client then replied via txt "that she would not pay any more money", then later that day she txt again saying "what are you going to do about my hair" so she replied that there wasent much she could do with out money so she sugested getting clip in extensions so she could put them in and take them out whenever she wanted because she always has her hair tied back anyway, the client then replied saying " i will not pay anymore money i dont want tempory ones i just want you to sort it out"

fy friend is realy worred that this client is going to get realy nasty and she dosent no what to do about it weather the client is entitled to a refund or what?

any advice will be much apprechated
thanks so much xx


Tell your friend to call or look on line at 'A breath of freshair' as these are the company that make the link hair extensions, they will be able to advise her properly.
Hope this helps.


had a look and couldent find anything.

all she realy wants to no is is the client intitled to a refund and what to do if she starts threatening to go to trading standeds
or something like that. lol

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i havent read this but just saw "hair extensions" all i can say is - if you want to keep thick, healthy hair - DONT DO IT- yes they look good - mine were so natural looking but.............i ended up with bald patches all over my head and my hair was half the thickness - if i had the choice again - I WOULDNT GO THERE


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yes that has helped il pass that info on what could she say to the client to make her happy she dosent want to give her a full set of extensions for free as she will haft to get hair glue and spend 4-5 hr of her time to re do them also i think there may be another problem i dont think she is insured to do micro ring extensions as she done it for the client as a one off because she begged her to do so she wants to try and keep her sweet.....


basicly she done it through her mum as a frendly thing with a movie and done it in her lounge where she smoked etc very informal even though she dident know the woman...


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Insurance can cost as little as £35 a year and is really worth it and very necessary ,
it covers all hairdressing procedures and nail treatments and all types of hair extensions too .
I would suggest your friend gets some insurance as soon as possible.

Salon gold or Professional beauty are good insurance company's .
they insure mobile and shop based hairdressers so basically its for wherever you are working at the time .

You will need a qualification in hairdressing .


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I've had the occasional client with problems.
I always get them in the salon ASAP so i can assess it for myself. I don't try and sort it out in a phonecall/email.

You can usually spot the problem straight off just by talking them through thier routine, bringing in the products they are using and getting them to style their hair infront of you.
Top reasons are shine spray (hate the stuff! clogs the extensions and makes them separate and shed), not using their extension brush and sticking with their old one and either washing too roughly or not enough.

My clients all get aftercare advice and my email for any additional queries.
Usually if they have any probs in the first couple of weeks it can be sorted out with an extended maintenance appointment and lots of help and advice which i have carried out in the past free of charge on clients who have had a problem.
It's quite rare for people to struggle with them but when they do i know how upsetting it can be for them!
With greasy hair clients, which i would know from the consultation - i pop a dry shampoo spray in with their aftercare pack. Prevention is better than redoing it all!

As i say, i have always been able to get the client in and fix but i don't think even i would be comfortable with charging for a new set if i hadn't made them come in and i haven't ruled out that it was something which was my fault.
I know that if i don't provide the proper service - the client should get a refund or replacement. The "proper service" should extend to aftercare advice and ownership of the client - Taking care of them even after they have left the salon. (that's the retail background coming out in me there! lol)


thanks for al the advice ill let her no and post back if she has any other quiries about it thanks again


Forgive me for asking, but is your friend actually trained to do extensions?

I am not, but common sense says to me - there are obviously different systems of a nail tech would assess a clients nails and then recommend a system she thought suitable, surely your friend would have looked at something so basic as hair type??

If your friend is trained in the 'bonds' type of extensions with the glue (which I assume she is as you stated that she didnt want to spend 4-5hrs of her time doing it and buying the glue!!), I would tell her to get round there pronto and fix what is wrong, as it obviously due to her not asking the right questions in the first place :rolleyes::rolleyes:

If your not trained - DONT DO IT. Simple as that.


i think she is trained in bonding (glue) and weave extensiong and was having a dabble with the micro rings as i was her first moddle for the micro rings (whitch was fine in my hair mide you i did follow her aftercare step by step) the reason she done the micro rings on the client was because the client insited on having them, i told her that if i had a client who had a problem with there nail enhancements coming off and the client was getting "funny" about it i would offer to do a full set and only charge her for the products i used and that i would only affer a full refund if some nails came off within 4 days of having them and only givee a refund ither for the ones that had come out or a refund for the surves not including the price for the products used,