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Sep 20, 2007
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west sussex
wonder if any of you geeks can give me some advice.
if a client walked in, with really bad short over dyed very very dry to the point that you just touch it and clumps full out... see my hair is very curly, i had a bad cut last year, they cut it way to short so i put hair extens in witch have totally killed my hair and left it shorter then before put in. also now i have to strighten my hair coz its way to short to wear curly, hair also used to be plat blonde! but have dyed it brown to let my roots just grow out.

i have tryed hair oil, deep con treatments, nothing works...

thanks in advance
you need either the whole lot off and start again, or if thats not an option a really good protein conditioning treatment these usually have wheat or potato protein and the one i swear by is joico k_pac intensive conditioning treatment i was talking too the clynol guy at college, and i asked him his opinions and he said its one of the best.
It is a few quid but it does work it repairs from the inside out and doesnt just put a coating on the hair, so try must follow intructions on it though or it wont be beneficial.
also you need to find a good salon and ask for their advcie too as they can physically see what needs doing more than we can on here
hth hun :hug:
Howdy ,

I agree with the others , sometimes we just have to stop doing things and just start over :hug: good luck x

..Wonderd if some one could help me as im not in the hair industry myself, when i wash my hair quite alot of hair strands tend to come out, (its quite worring) ...ive asked the hair dresser why this happens..(she said its normally when there split ends or as the hairs growing) ..but i thort hair didn't grow that often and i Don't have split ends because i keep up to date with regular trips to the hair dressers!
..i also asked how many strands are ment to fall out per each wash but she couldn't tell me (which i found strange)..could any one help answer those questions for mee??

..i realli would appreciate it..taa..x x x
Howdy ,
you can lose quite a lot in the natural shedding process especially if if your hair is quite thick it will seem like a lot ,
if you think it is an excessive amount (seems more than normal )

I would be inclined to go to see your GP as it could be an underlying health problem ,
which could be as simple as a vitamin or mineral deficiency,

if you are concerned ask Your GP for A blood test ,
please don't self medicate though, as it can be dangerous , :hug:

You should try a little known brand called Rejuvx, they have a products called Fusion that repairs the cortical mass of hair using polysacharides, stopping breakage. Fusion basically bonds the cortex of the hair back together so hair is no longer "strechy" when wet. You simply spray it on and dry it in. Fusion can also be used to customise colour and perms.
orr thanks guys :) ..x
hi, ive tried everything in the book!!! i too had extensions to help my hair look thicker n longer, which made it worse as u say!!! ive finally stuck to the following n honestly its the only thing i felt has made a difference. i take B complex vitamins and silica plus, both of which are great for hair skin n nails. makesure you take the natural ones as they work the best, on top of that i used an oil treatment in my hair twice a week and use repair serum on the ends of my hair when i wash it. trust me its the only thing that worked for me!!! ive tried all the shampoos and treatments from expensive to cheap and always ended up in the same place!!! give it a try. xxxxxxx

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