Hair port by Valentine extensions?


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Apr 2, 2012
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Hair port by Valentine extensions seem to be very cheap on the website, 200s of 22 inch for £xx amount, at 0.7g weight and Indian hair at AAA quality.

It seems quite cheap, has anyone ever used this supplier and could maybe give me an idea of quality? They are based in uk also xxx
never tried them (or heard of them til now!!) so cant help with that but the grade AAA means nothing hon, each company uses different gradings for their own hair, ie one companies grade A could be the exact same as another companies grade AAA+. Iv would be wary of those prices, but you could always get some and trial it?!? xxx
I always believe hair that u think is too cheap is usually because the hair is cheap quality you get what you pay for if something sounds too good to be true it generally is xx
Yeah I know, it does say its Indian remy though? xxx
I've just come across this hair has anyone tried it please x
I'd order some, trial it and see how it goes. hair planet are cheap and on par with some of the more expensive budget ranges.
might be a name to watch out for.......

gonna google them now lol
omg I've just looked and seen it for myself. can't believe that price for 200 strands / just gives the impression that it's gotta be rubbish, but I'd always try it before deciding still,....... I think
Very curious about this hair, if anyone does try it please post :) would love to know as the price is soooo low!
No way can that be right x
Haha everyone is too scared to try it!! I know I am lol, I want to see the quality, it must be rubbish surely? xx
Im tempted to advertise it on my facebook page asking somebody to trial it for me... Get them to pay for the hair but fitting totally free... Ive done this a few times wheb trying out new hair but never for hair so cheap!x
I'm hoping to trial it in the next month too but gotta get my colour how I want first. I had a creep at their Facebook and they have loads of good comments, so fingers crossed
I'm hoping to trial it in the next month too but gotta get my colour how I want first. I had a creep at their Facebook and they have loads of good comments, so fingers crossed

Think I'm going to try them out too on myself x
I don't understand why people never learn!!! If you are trying to get something for nothing then you will usually end up with nothing! Cheap prices are usually indicators of bad quality or bulk buying. But this to me does not look like a huge company capable up such economies of scale. I wouldn't waste my money even trying it! Lush us is cheap and this is cheaper. Doubt it is even worth the packaging it is in and I think we all know that. Seems like everyone is just trying to cut corners. If you put this cheap kind of hair under a microscope I highly doubt it would have any cuticles left after the acid baths. If you want to provide your clients with a nice fresh set of hair collected from hair brushes in dumps then go ahead. But even though I am saying this I'm pretty sure you will still buy it just because you want it to be true. But trust me, if it seems too good to be true, it generally is.
Indian remy means it is combings out of peoples hairbrushes, picked out of rubbish dumps by children and poor people. Watch the film slumdog millionaire before you decide that "remy" is what you wish to be part of.
I would love to offer only the highest quality hair to my clients but i live in an area where this is near on impossible! I offer a wide range of hair so my clients can afford whatever suits their budget. I personally dont have the means to be able to wait months for my clients to save up hundreds of pounds so i usually use hairplanet or lush us hair but occaissonally even have people saying that is way too expensive! I dont think anyone can knock it until they have tried it so im willing to give it a go. And i have also seen titanic, but this hasnt put me off going on a cruise.
What???? Sorry but that is the weirdest analogy I ever heard and made me laugh.

I am not saying you have to offer the highest quality all the time. But there are other brands who are good and reasonably priced if you shop around. And also have you ever thought of trying to talk to your customers about the benefits in higher quality hair?? Cheap hair is not always the cheapest option in the long run. I try to convince my clients that Balmain hair is worth it as it lasts at least 6 months. I also tell them that maybe we won't put in as much as it is more expensive in order to save money. When you give clients all the information and show them these options many tend to go for the more expensive. Its all about selling it in the right way. I never use lush us or hair planet as clients can get the hair there themselves I only work with smaller companies I can trust. I just would not want to put my name on this really cheap hair but go ahead. All I am saying is there are other ways even if you live in a less affluent area and you need to think out of the box.
You can only try it and see what happens but don't expect too much. Xx
May I ask who you use?
Ive spent years trying to find the right suppliers and done a lot of research and I'm sorry but some are too precious to give out. I have helped people with suppliers of various things in the past only for it to be shared everywhere. Some things need to be kept a secret.

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