Hair port by Valentine extensions?


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to be fair........ if someone has a client whose budget this hair is targeted to then there is no real problem. as long as the client understands that the price reflects the life span of the hair and compared with the high end brands..... I'm sure they will still choose it and probably have it in again as it's something that once seemed out of their reach and now they can have,
it's the explaining about different qualities reflect g the prices that's the key. fair enough if you charged them a silly high price and they were expecting it to last up to 6 months.........
I will exit this thread. There has been far too many posts on this subject and I feel like I am repeating myself. Do you think your clients would still want it if they knew where it really came from?? The hair extension industry is a very exploited industry, I think it's our duty to do our part to educate clients and to control it and not buy cheap hair collected from hair bushes (because lets face it, it is for that price) that actually then brings money used to fuel the drug smuggling industry, or human trafficking or other criminal activities. It might seem far fetched but all this is interlinked and we need to know where our hair is from. Do you think your clients would want that on their head??? Literally. Guess its all good in the hood as long as you get paid a larger profit by buying cheaper hair extensions right??? Who cares where it is from, or of it tangles after a week, or has been cut off a dead person. As I said, I am stepping out because clearly I dont know what I am talking about. I don't really deal with cheap hair.
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Oh and look at this little nugget of knowledge found on their website. Yes let's support this kind of behaviour and we will all be out of jobs. And you guys are complaining of not getting clients. I don't have that problem.


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Where is that quotation from?
It's from the hairport by valentine website.
Ive spent years trying to find the right suppliers and done a lot of research and I'm sorry but some are too precious to give out. I have helped people with suppliers of various things in the past only for it to be shared everywhere. Some things need to be kept a secret.

Lol ... Well done!

Your posts on this subject are clear, informed and authorative.


Jacqui xx
Hi, yes we are a small business, we have been going jst over a year nd only ever had 3 complaints about any of our hair, we supply a few salons and quite a few extensionists who continue to use us so obviously we can't be as bad as some ppl are making out in this thread, our prices are low as we dont use expensive packaging, we have kept the prices the same since we started but unfortunately they are about to change, not by much but we have to increase them, add us on Facebook,the link is on our website if you have any questions as its the easiest way to contact us. I don't really know how to use this site so please don't be offended if I don't reply to any messages etc on here, lol
Can I ask where your hair comes from?
Oh and look at this little nugget of knowledge found on their website. Yes let's support this kind of behaviour and we will all be out of jobs. And you guys are complaining of not getting clients. I don't have that problem.

The spelling alone sums it up for me...!!!! :rolleyes:
I think all the negative comments about the quality of our hair from people that have never even used it are quite unfair, we sell lots of different hair types from standard remy to raw virgin russian hair. Just because we are a small new business that not many of you on here have heard of doesn't make us bad, even the big companies like raccoon etc had to start off somewhere :biggrin:
This is true. But it is very very cheap which makes us suspicious. But you are right we should try it before we say anything but from experience this is what I have found. And your hair is even cheaper than most. I always test strands and put them under the microscope to see if they are what they are claimed to be (cuticle correct etc). It's just for that price it's hard to imagine it is. But I will welcome the opportunity to test it in my "lab". The op asked for opinions so that is what I am giving from my experience in the hair extension industry.

And the quote on your website really doesn't make you seem very professional and that you supply professionals. DIY extensions is the way forward? That is a bad statement giving the extension market a bad name.
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Totally agree about that quote.

I can't believe the YouTube videos as well, I watched the lip wrap one and it's not even your brand, I'm very puzzled by your website and would love to know a bit more about you. :)
That post wasnt ment to sound how it probably sounded, I'm just very curious.

Sample has just arrived from hairport

2 bags - 1 Indian remy and 1 remy which I'm guessing is chinese since there is nothing stated.

Very thin and wispy! Nothing special! The nail tips in the 'remy' bag are especially thin!

I know why they are cheap :)
Thanks so much for trying! The world of hair extensions is a mine field and it takes ages finding the right suppliers. I think I've found my right ones now but it's always tricky .
I ordered some of the standard remy 20" micro loop extensions from here about 3 months ago for a client, i fitted them cheaper as i told her I hadnt used them before ( she was happy to be my guinea pig for reduced price ) my client has just been back and the hair is still in good condition, she wants me to remove them nd re apply them as she can't afford new ones just yet. She also bought the after care kit which she really liked, it cost about £25 I think and it's the same stuff lush us sell for £40! I will definitely try them again :p

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