Happy Birthday


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Happy Birthday to Haydn,
Have a brill day, enjoy yourself

Son of Mr and Mrs Geek,Grandson to Geeg and Simon and a good friend to many I suspect.............

lots of love Ruth xxxxxxx
Happy Birthday!!!! :D
happy birthday
happy birthday have a great day :D
Ruth thank you very much for my cool 'butt' card and key ring. My mum says maybe I can have some house keys but DAD SAYS i CANT :( i am having a pizza party tonite and a sleepover too. Mum has made me a cake and I got a bike :thumbsup: its ded cool :D Thakns everyone else for saying Happy Birthday. I am 11!! mum says she is getting old ha ha aha :tongue: Anyway Bye from Haydn. :pirate:
Well by the sounds of it, you had a brill day.............
A bike cool...........well get a good lock and you can keep the key for that on the cool dude keyring................
Pizza party and sleep over, thats just what one should have for an 11th birthday....................Is there any pepperoni and extra cheese ons going???
I love pizza...........
Mum's mad the cake, I hope it's not in the shape of a metro coloured nail.............but hey never mind the shape as long as there is plenty of it babe !!!!!!

So have a great sleep over
huggs from Ruth and gang xxxx
Sawadee ka

I think i too late i know you have very happy birthday for sure .

Happy birthday i not late next time for sure .

....what can I say :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ABSOLUTELY NO SLEEP WHATSOEVER :shock: I think Sam went upstairs at least 4 times and me once ;) anyway, I think they had a good time but I AM OVER IT NOW..all but one have left :thumbsup: 7:00 sleep tonight I think!! But thank you all for your warm wishes, he was so chuffed to see he had his own thread!!! Cheers all (I'll think I'll do a Ruth and have a Vodka - but mines with tonic, and it's only 11:45 :shock: ) Ciao Bellas!! ;)
hiya sam & haydn :D
glad you all had a great time :D
we had pizza & sleepover for jema's 10th birthday.
i'm sure the person who 1st called it a "sleepover" had obviously never held one :shock: , as i'm sure sam & sam now understand!
my last & desperate time of telling them to keep it down a bit was 4am :shock:
for her 11th we are taking jema & a friend to see a london show & stay in hotel, more money but more sleep (not to mention sanity) :shock:
luckily jema hasn't seen through my cunning plan, she thinks having her own room in hotel is way cool 8) !
just a thought for nxt time sam :D
lol liza xx
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