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Debbies Gellies

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Oct 24, 2004
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SE Kent
Hi, has anyone heard of 'The London School of Nails and Beauty' ?
I wondered what their training was like after speaking to someone briefly but |I cant find them on a web search. I definately got the name right! Had a bit of a funny phone call ... em
Anyone please????
Thanks Noodle, but no. I have the name right I have a message on my mobile phone and it is very clear about the school name and I recently spoke to a lady from their but on her mobile so I cant find out what I want to know about the school or the lady. (unless I phone her back and ask, but I want to avoid that if I can) never mind. I just hoped it was heard of, but I will have to wait for this lady to call me in July as she said, I dont want to phone her - sorry cant explain why on here.
I think it is actually near the london school of beauty and make up near oxford circus (I went there), it's near Libertys- I think it's this one: LCBT Home I looked around it, it seemed o.k. :hug: I can't think of any other ones in Central London apart from Steiners and the Ray Cocraine school. Are you sure she didn't say "a london school of nails and beauty" rather than "the"?

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