Haven't post a pic in awhile...here's one


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Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA

They are sculpted over forms..her nails were broken down very short. It was a challange...love those challenges. No really it was fun. I could have used tips but felt like stretching the sculpting skills...
Painted on french. Her natural smile line is very straight so I felt like being diff and not doing deep smiles. OH Yeah! and the art...that is right, this is the nail art section...lol
Plumerias...with lighter green leaves instead of the darker green I usually do. Looks sweet and springy for back to school.
as usual... nice 1.
Christie those are beautiful as always
Hey Christie
Glad to see you got your brushes out after our chat the other night lol :D
They are gorgeous but then all your art is. :thumbsup:
Keep up the good work
Take care
Love Dawnie xxxxx
Perfect 10 as usual
They are beautifull...............
More, more,more
love Ruth xxx
Just when I'm happy with my art you go and post something amazing!! :shock: :shock:

I love the detail you use!!

Christie they are soooo cute, as usual!!

What brush did you use?

lol Michelle...

Kitty, I used a brush called a filbert for the petals. Then a small liner brush for everything else.


I really have to mention something here - please stop doing this to me. I feel so inferior!!!!! As Michelle said, I think I've done some nice art and you have to go and parade your plumerias to all and sundry! :D

I hope you know I'm only kidding (I'm just jealous :( ) I can' stop looking at them :shock: . They are absolutely gorgeous. All those gals on 'D' Big Island are so lucky to have their nails done by you. Keep posting - we all love to see your designs (even if it makes us want to go and bury our head in the biggest sand pit we can find :rofl: )
Chrisite, I know you are so busy with your wonderful kids & wonderful life in Hawaii & amazing nail skills (Do I sound at all jealous? ;)) but do you think you could do a tutorial on your pansies?? I love pansies, along with carnations they are my favourites!

please, pretty please do pansies next :flower:

Please (if you do) make it so those just starting nail art can understand. I would love to start doing nail art.

meckleberry, have you been to Christies site? Its so cool! I can just sit for hours & never get anything to look the way it does on christies site! I'm just gonna keep on going!!

I am surfing her site right now as well. I will never be that good. Maybe in my dreams. lol
I love to hear that people visit my site. I am always tickled that someone is helped by my stuff.
And worried one day everyone will find out I am truly just a geek sitting in the corner painting nails...lol kidding
ditto to all the comments above...keep it up and keep posting pics...it gives us all insparation....thank you....... :D :salute:
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