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Jul 19, 2005
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Cannock, Staffordshire
After a little persuasion Gelly has let me post these nails for her as she missed the challenge, it's a shame for you not to see them all.

From Gelly
OMG This is really scary!
I have about 7 different shots (as you do!) I have picked one, now starting to panic that I should have chosen another!! Starting to feel like a crazy woman!! LOL.

They are sculpts. I used powders from INM Northern Lights and Creative's Metro collections.

Applied forms
Created a base using a thin layer of INM NL Pink (glitter in a light pink powder)
Sculpted flowers on top using CND Melting Pot (shimmery brown) and INM NL Evergreen (green glitter powder)
Encased using CND Clear.
Refined and buffed.
Same process for the ring.

Thanks!! I hope you like them........
Lauri xx

enjoy Rachel xxxx


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Well done for posting Gelly and they look fab.....sparkly, right up my street! xx :)
FAB, i love them.
very nice!! xx
Forgot to mention that this was Gelly's first time at doing encasing, rings and 3d art on a real life human being xxxxxxxx
Well done to ya Gelly - you done a great job there shame you missed the competion, good luck for next time xxx

Julie xx
Wow they're really good - well done Gelly!
Well Done Gelly xx
those are lovely

thanks for sharing

well done
Beautiful.....!!! very nicely done.....good on ya:)
These are lovely.
well done..i think they look fabulous!!

and your first time encasing and doing 3D on a human!! that deserves a pat on the back.

Well done

Love the glittery look and the detail too.

The ring is such a great match too. well done.
You have done really well Gelly, they are pretty.
Thanks everyone! Glad you like them......

I had finally got hold of some coloured powders on Saturday morning and didn't hesitate to start playing! So sick of P&W!!

I had done three designs on tips, when my sister freaked over them and ordered me to do something on her....... talk about pressure - I'd only just started practising!!

Anyway, all went well, so I thought I would quickly do a ring to match and see if I could enter it for Geek of the ring for a bit of fun.
Anyway, I was far too late for that (not unusual for me!) But Rachel (ladybgemini), bless her, liked them and said I should let her post it anyway.

TBH, I know it sounds mad, (seeing as I was going to enter it in a comp!) but I was really scared of it just being posted.
I felt like entering it for G.O.T.R would be for a bit of fun for all of us - nothing too serious, with no pressure.
But posting it like this is a bit like 'look at what I can do'....... and I didn't feel ready for that.

I'm am glad that Rachel twisted my arm, because now I know that it isn't just me and my sister who like them!!
They're not perfect, but I did learn a few things, so hopefully next time they will be!!

I had fun doing these and am really pleased that I shared them in the end.
Just wish my other clients would drop the P&W obsession!
Lovely work. Well done x
they look fab well done gelly x
I love the attention to detail,and VERY eye not a fan of nail aret personally,im just a good old natural or p and w kinda gal.....but these were lovely.


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