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Dec 4, 2003
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Hi all! :D
im new here so excuse any sloppiness ;)....i wanted some advice on a client i had the other day......

One of my current clients paid for her sister to have a full set of L&P enhancements done as a christmas pressie,my client told me on the phone when booking her appointment that her sister has a nervous disorder,i warned her of the chance of lifting etc due to stress and medication but she still agreed to go ahead for the appointment.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with her nails so after an extra thorough prep i applied the nails as usual,there was ONE thing i did differently...I use the Creative system and in between orders i somehow ran out of my beloved solar oil (all hail) so i quickly nipped down to my local retailer and picked up a bottle of Star Nails cuticle oil to retail to her as a temp measure.

I got a call about a week later from my client saying her sisters nails are doin pretty badly-mainly lifting and apparently very dry,i told her what it could be and she accepted it and made an appointment so i could check them over properly and see what was wrong,but the day before the appointment they had all fallen off!This all occurred in 2-3 weeks from the set....

Does anyone know if it could have been the oil?Or just the health issue..or both?Just curious for future reference

Needless to say i have so much solar oil in back stock now i can hardly find space for it all ;)

Thanks very much!

Heli x x x
Well of course, sticking to the system always works best and some oils actually dehydrate the overlay rather than nourish it. Still you know this of course... you'll never run out of solarOil again :D

Maybe the nervous disorder caused her to do a little nervous picking or chewing .. ever thought of that? The condition of her natural nails will indicate this. Full sets just don't fall off .. they need some help... really they do.
Star produce two types of oil and if you every run out again and get stuck I would recommend you go for the Nourish Oil over the standard cuticle oil if thats any help!
(The Nourish is used by my all my manciure clients and they are more than happy with the results).
I doubt it had anything to do with the oil as that was an after measure. The problem sounds like they never adhered in the first place.

Personally, I would try some Nail Fresh on her next time you do her nails.

Remember that no oil applied after application can cause lifting as no oil can penetrate the bond between the Keratin and your product. Lifting like this is because there was oil or conaminants left on the nail before you put your product on.

Hope this helps.
:D thanks for your feedback!i'll ALWAYS be an avid Creative user so its solar oil all the way,but thanks for the advice!
heli x
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