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Aug 13, 2004
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Southport, Merseyside
HI, i just joined today, wot a fab site for us nail techs, cant believe its taken me this long to find it! I have been doing nails for 4 years now, on and off in between having 3 children( yes I am slightly mad)!!!! I first trained with StarNails Gel and L&p, yesterday I booked on to do Creatives Brisa conversion course in Manchester on the 31st Aug, I wonder if any one else on here will be attending it? I am aslo set to do Creatives L&P conversion asap.
As i now have 3 young children I am in the process of setting up at home, i just cant wait to get started! I havent worked for a few months now, my youngest is 4 months old so once i have done all my conversions its going to be a fresh start!
Look forward to getting to know you guys!

Rebecca XXXX
hi rebecca
welcome to the site - youll have so much fun here, everyone is sooooo helpful. i converted also - you will find creative courses soo good. i learnt more on one day than i did on other courses that lasted alot longer. you will deffo enjoy yourstay here - that i can be sure of
Hi Glynis, Thanks for the welcome, I am so glad that I chose to go with Creative, it has taken me months to finally decide, if only i would of found this site earlier, after only a few hours on here Creative seem to have a really good reputation...........oooooooooooooooooooooooh....im so excited.... cant wait to get started!!!
hi rebecca

i was exactly the same. i used to use opi but there customer relations are a bit to be desired.................im doing my master classes now so hopefully by the end of october i will be a master nail tech. i cant wait
Good Luck to you on your Masters! Do you have your exam day yet? Thats what my goal is, its a long way off for me yet though!
How long have you been doing nails?
21 oct is qualification day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i been doing nails for 4 years but only qualified 2 years ago
Goodness me, you are doing really well!
I have been so busy having babies the last 4 years I didnt realise just how much it has slowed me down! Well at least im heading in the right direction now, you have given me a little push to get a moving!!!!!!!!! no more babies....just nails, nails, nails!!!!

Welcome to this great site, you will find everything you want to know on here to do with nails, it will become your bible.

I too trained with Star nails but through allergy to their monomer i have changed products i use. I now use EZ Flow's L&P and love it. Creative is also very popular and has some excellent products. I love their Solaroil, smells really yummy and feels good too.

Good luck with your training, and look forward to seeing you on here.

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