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Oct 22, 2003
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West yorkshire
Hiya, all just thought i'd introduce my self i've just joined today, (i've hijacked my husbands computer) and i can't believe it so many nail techs to talk to !! I visit alot of nail tech sites and can truly say they all inspire me.
welcome to the board Jinxx
Hi ya Jinx,

I'm sure you'll love it here and learn soooo much!!!

Hi Jinxx

Congratutions you have found a great site!

There is so much info and things to learn from all the great techs.

Cristine :)
Welcome Jinxx! :D
I only joined last week and feel lik one of the family already. Be prepared for many a late night! From Rachel x :D
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone , still trying to find my way around the site. :rolleyes:
Welcome to the site Jinxx.

Better warn your husband he won't get much time on his computer from now on!

Best wishes
Sue lol
a big hello to you
as you have most probably noticed
this has got to be the best nail site ever.
no matter how silly a question post it, i do and
you will always get a reply
good luck
lisa :D
Nice to see you on the board xxxxxx
Nice bunch of Techies and we all have a giggle as well as learn.........
Never think that a question is silly or will be laughed at, we are here to help each other.............

love Ruth xxxx
P.S. be prepared for some serious panda eyes
Sawasdee ka

welcome you will learn something every day and have many happy time and enjoy look every thing .

Kop khun ka mui
hiya jinxx :D
welcome to the family of geeks :D
have lots of fun, & learn loads :D
lol liza xx
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