Help - broken nail bed under gel nails...?

Hello ladies...

I accidentally dropped a box onto my finger today and cracked the gel right across my nails. I think I might somehow have cracked my natural nail as a little bit of blood came out as well.

I let it sit for a while and put a bit of nail glue over the crack because I didn't want any moisture to seep in - but now my nail bed is throbbing and hurts like hell...

Any thoughts?

Thank you :)


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Scrubfresh it and then apply a small amount of resin in the crack, push it firmly together and then buff and apply a thin layer of gel over the top....buff and finish as usual....
this will hold it together and will let the crack grow out.... keep an eye on it though, it will stop hurting as soon as the crack is stabilised but it might be a bit tender for a little while....

Hi Angie - thanks :)

Do you think it might be worth removing it entirely? It really hurts...


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no....i wouldnt.

if it were me, id remove it, let it heal for a day instead of pouring product in the wound, and replace the nail after 24 hours to strengthen the nail and let it grow out.
the old product may hold it apart!
also if its cracked all the way down a thin layer over the top wont secure it if u bang it again, it already has the weak point in it, and you could end up doing more damage!xxx

you'll probably find removing way too painful. I had a customer last week that had this happen on one nail. she could hardly bear any filing on it let alone removing it! i would agree that the best thing to do would be to go over the crack to let it grow up, and just keep an eye on it.


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can you imagine soaking or filing on a nail thats this painfull...?? its far kinder and safer to let it grow out and protect it at the same long as the nail has been cleaned first with scrubfresh or similar then it will be fine. If you do as i said above and reduce the length you have less chance of catching it.


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Im with Angie on this one, I have done it a couple of times myself. Clean the break as best you can and place a drop of resin, I usually do this and leave it for 24 hours before I then thin the enhancement down and reapply.


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This exact thing happened to me when I was cleaning out my garage; I dropped a dumbbell on my finger! It hurt like heck for a day or two, after a week it felt perfectly fine. When I was at the dermatologist for an unrelated matter I asked what I should do (I had it just wrapped up in a waterproof bandage), and she told me to just let it grow out, not to remove the gel, that it would just re-traumatize my finger.

Once it was no longer swollen and tender to the touch I had the overlay reapplied, and it grew out without incident.