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Jul 29, 2003
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Surrey, UK
i have natural overlay nails (acrylic) and at least 1 nail every 4 weeks seems to crack at the side. i was wondering why this would happen and if it would be due to the length, i have them about 8mm long.

i hope what i am trying to say makes sense.

Hi Lisa

A couple of questions:-

1. How often do you rebalance them
2. How long are your nail beds
3. How long have they been cracking for
4. Did they crack when they were shorter
5. Are you aware of any trauma being done to the nails

From there we might be able to help you out

i rebalance them every 1.5 to 2 weeks, i was wondering that maybe when i rebalance them that i don't file enough back to the natural nail.

My nail beds are longer than the tip.

They always seem to crack on the free edge and it is my middle finger on left hand and my thumb, Mainly my thumb and i think this is due to doing buttons up.

if it has cracked is it ok to file back old product and put new product on (rebalance) Or would i be best to cut down and tip the nail?
There is a law called Newtons law of cause and effect.

Basically this law states that nothing happens without a cause. :!:

Nails that repeatedly break or crack are too long. They are undergoing stress and the effect is to crack. Either keep these two nails shorter or make the stress area a bit thicker.

If All of them were cracking then the answer could lie elsewhere but if it is only the ones you describe (and I really think you figured it out yourself) then solve the problem as above. ;)
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