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Oct 6, 2011
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Cornwall, ON
Hi guys need a bit of advice really.......

I have a part time nail technician who is still in her trial period of 3 months.

Her work and attendance have been questionable throughout, in fact, she has been off sick as many days as she has worked.

Today she was performing treatments on a regular client of the salon for the first time (gel extensions and shellac pedicure) The pedi was fine but the extensions were amongst the worst i have ever seen or felt. Thick, ugly uneven nails with corners and ridges....the client was visibly upset and when I intervened to speak to her she burst into tears. No charges were made for her treatments.

The nail tech in question dissapeared on lunch and hasnt returned! does this constitute gross misconduct?

Hope someone can help ;(
She hasnt even finished her trial so I would just boot her!
Re arrange all her appointments to another column and if she turns up, tell her she isnt what you were looking for in an emplyee and that its not working out.
Good luck xx
Im not sure about the rules but if she is on trial and she walks out like that then what is she going to be like if she was kept on?? when we get busy say around christmas time etc if she disappeared for a long time what would you do with the clients she had booked in especially if you were all fully booked?? also if her work is questionable then is she what you really want representing you your business and your reputation??

Can only re-iterate what jojo has said.
If someone walks out without notice, they are not due any pay in lieu of notice. Sounds like she was either inexperienced or didn't give a toss.

I am wary of people who are off sick a lot, they tend to be flaky in other aspects of their jobs too.
I'm not a hundred percent sure if this is the same for everywhere but in my last job during my three month trial I was not required to give any notice if I wanted to leave and my employer could ask me to leave at anytime during my trial. Xx

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Thanks guys!! is what I was thinking just needed to hear it from elsewhere! To be honest i was gonna get rid anyway, so this in some ways makes it easier!!

hope everyone enjoys the rest of the jubilee! :lick:
Sounds to me like you've had a lucky escape! ;) good luck!
How awful for you with a regular ... If she has walked out you are well within your rights to finish her! If it was me I would send a letter to her just to 'finalise' it just in case.... The only thing anyone could make an issue about is any type of discrimination which im sure there wasn't any.
Hth and good luck with finding a new one x
I can appreciate your embarrassment with your regular lady . . . I'm sure you'll keep her though as it sounds as if you're looking after her :hug:

Yes the nail tech has behaved pretty disgracefully but it's my guess she's hiding away in shame somewhere unable to face you . . . she must know her work is substandard. Not great for you though.

You have my sympathy . . . but when all's said and done, you wouldn't have wanted to keep her on unless her work improved dramatically would you? And if she's going to prove unreliable, well . . . or maybe she does suffer with her health if she's been off sick a lot . . . ? ?

every cloud has a silver lining. You can get someone else who will hopefully be more competent at their job and who will be an asset to you

the nail tech's silver lining in this will probably be that she will either a) give up and find a career she's more suited to or has more experience in or b) see it as a sign that more training is needed so this situation doesn't happen again somewhere else, and if she books herself onto a good course somewhere she'll hopefully iron out all the problems it seems she has

My belief is that a trial is just that, and can be terminated by either party during that period . . . but good luck with finding someone new.

If by chance the tech is a geek, then use of the search function will show up lots of ideas about training, even just reading the tutorials will provide a mine of information

From a HR point of view ( my life has been office and HR work ) you gave this employee a trial of 3 months. In that 3 month if she is under performing you have to pull her up for it with a review meeting. In this meeting you'd discuss any problems and whether you think she meets the standards required for your salon.

If she is phoning in sick, on her return to work you'd make sure she is OK to be back at work and ask her to attend a return to work interview. You would ask her what was wrong and whether its a on going problem which may mean further days of work, all this would be documented and placed in her personnel file ( if you have one for employees )

With a 3 month trial either party can end the trial with no notice. Employee doesn't need to give you any notice, and you as an employer would have to give valid reason for ending the trial, but normal practice would be to have a review meeting, giving them a week to improve or they run risk of the trial ( probationary ) period coming to an end

And before the 3 month trial ends you can if not performing properly give them a chance to improve and extend the trial period to say another 3 months... :) Must be done within the 3 months though...
Thanks guys! Have spoken to the client again an she is fine! Coming to see me next week for her hair. Doesn't blame me at all!! ;-)

Have taken advice and sent her an unauthorised absences letter to which she had 72 hours to reply or we can assume her resignation.

Onwards and upwards! ;-)
Don't you just love em eh? As for the messing about with meetings and letters, GRRRR.
I know it has to be done, but in truth, the nail tech did nothing to try and keep her job. These people whine about not having opportunities, but when you give them a chance they go sick or mess about.

At the risk of being shouted down, I have found this scenario more common in my beauty staff than I ever have in hair staff. Thats not to say my hair staff have been angels, just that they don't go sick every 5 minutes.
The joys of being an employer!
You've covered yourself - you can't do more than that
Good luck with next recruit x
i had a crap nail tech who walked out and owed me a bit of money. i spoke to fsb and to be honest i wrote it off as she was so unreliable and rubbish i was pleased i didnt have to go through the drama of getting rid

think yourself lucky and concentrate on getting good one they are out there

good luck

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