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Oct 28, 2007
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New Zealand
I have a client that wants pre designed tips. (to look like french but have design on the tip) These have a full well and the part that goes over the nail is white, not clear. How do you use these? Have to put white where the pink normally goes? That seems silly to me but cant see how else it can work? What am I missing?:eek:
I would cut the well out,as long as the design dosent go onto the well?
Can you put up a pic so we can have a look?
i agree.. i would think you'd need to cut out the well. It's sort of weird though that they'd have a "white" well? The predesigned tips I've seen have either a clear well or are well-less.

Post a pic!
Why dont you use your file at a 45 degree angle and file the well area. this will give a crisp smile

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