help - gel natural overlays chipping at free egde


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Sep 14, 2007
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I have been having problems with chipping at the free edge within the first week of application. I have posted threads before for advice, which was to make sure I was capping properly etc. I have made every effort to ensure that I am capping all the nails and building the free edge up so that its not too thin, and still I am getting nails that chip off, or bits that crack off the free edge. Help cas I dont know what Im doing wrong and am now having nightmares about chipping hahaha. Has anyone else experienced this or is it only me? x
are you prepping thoroughly?
Are you filing, or is the client filing after all the layers of gel are applied? If so that will break the seal and promote lifting.

Also, do you do fingers one at a time? Most gels shrink - so if you do all 5 nails then cure, the nails you started with may have shrunk away from the free edge - and then you would lose the capping that you did.

I was having this problem and I found curing one at a time really helped me.

When I first started doing gels, I had that problem so, I started extending the free edge out with a bit of sculpted gel, problem solved for me! If the nail is really short, for some reason the gel doesn't want to hold up as well without a tip or sculpted extension.:irked:

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