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Dec 21, 2003
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East Anglia
Please could someone give me some help as I'm getting myself into a right old tiz!! :sad:

I'm never got on with gel, nothing to do with the product just the fact I love fibreglass and acrylic and that is what my clients seem to like, so I haven't really bothered to practice with gel. Shame on me I know :D but it has happened, client tonight wants gel and I'm pooping myself to be honest with you.

I've practiced on myself last night and when I used the Ultra seal at the end it bubbled and has shrunk. Have I applied it too thin/thick or did I leave it under the uv light too long?

Second question is do you peeps apply it in very thin layers. IBD recommend thin layers but I find the finished nail is very flat. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

ella is the best person to ask about IBD,as she uses it so pm her and she will help all she can im sure.
I dont use IBD, but I used to so hopefully I can help out.

The balding you are mentioning with the Ultra Seal could be due to the surface not being entirely clean,or from applying it over too smooth of a surface. I am not sure what IBD recommend, but with Brisa's finishing gloss, we recommend applying over a 180 grit finished surface (max).
As far as the thinner layers... it is always better to apply thinner than thicker. The reason being that the thicker it is, the harder it is and the longer it takes for UV light to penetrate and cure.

Hope this helps
the best thing is to cap the free edge to reduce shrinkage
some reasons for bubbling or spots where there is no gel, could be that you applied it too thinly, some times you can apply gel too thin and it sorta misses bits
or it could be that you agitated the ultra seal in the bottle before applying it so bubbles appear on your nails then fail to cure evenly
or there is dust on your nail
you should apply gel thin ish in several layers but you still need to build your stress areas into the nail or it will not hold up to daily wear!
speak to your supplier about tips or take a gel course or maybe even sit down with a gel tech!
gels are definately a specialist subject!
have fun and practise with your gels
I have completed a few different courses with IBD so il try and help you if i can, but I would ask someone else lol! I have looked it up in my IBD training guide for you though, which is very recent!

I've had the same problem with the Ultra Seal so when I went back for my second course using it I asked the trainer about it. I was told that a bubbling, pitted appearence can be quite common when using the Ultra Seal and it happens for a few reasons.

The first is apparently, like the geek said, from not removing the surface shine from the previous gel layer. I've done this before myself and I have found the the gel sort of 'slides' around the nail and causes bumps and bare patches, as well as a weaker bond. With Ibd if you do not wish to 'change' the appearence of the nail using your file before ultra sealing then you can leave the dispersion layer from the previous coat of gel on instead and this will be equally correct.

The second main reason for this, I was told, can be using a too thin coating of the Ultra Seal on the nail. I found this also leaves bare, pitted areas where the gel moves during curing or before you put the nail into the lamp, and personally I have found that it can also result in separation from the nail. This can easily be solved by using a thicker coating of ultra seal next time!

If you are having problems creating the nice shaping of the nail with the Ultra Seal then I would recommend using one of their builder gels, if you have it, which allow you to create the different zone structures of the nail using the 'stringing' technique, whilst the gel still self levels but in the chosen shape! It also provides strength to the nail and allows you to sculpt if you want, but the down side is the application is harder/different! I agree with you :biggrin: , where possible I prefer just to use the Ultra Seal too!

If you would like me to scan and email or copy out anything specific from one of the extra training guides I bought/was given by them let me know and I would be happy to do so before your client! I have step by steps for all of the different IBD uses eg natural nail overlays, sculpting, tip and overlay etc which I could email fax etc to you if you want, and troubleshooting guides!

Hope this helps, sorry if I have repeated anything you knew already :o and for a long post! Bye!

love kat xx :D :D :D
well I would agree with everything that has been covered already.

ultra seal applied too thin
ultra seal applied too thick
layer beneath ultra seal has not had shine fully removed (or can be left with tacky layer)
layer beneath ultra seal is not fully cured (remember it needs 3 mins for white gel)

For further help you could check
there is a section on there with all step by step application procedures and problem solving too.
Thank you to everyone for your replies.

I know practice makes perfect, I just have no patience :biggrin: I'm going down to Kent tomorrow to visit family, guess what! mum and sisters are having gel nail enhancements :biggrin:

Thanks again and Kat I've pm you.
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