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Oct 23, 2006
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hi there,

i have done lots of paraffin pedicures and up to now had no problem as feet always fit very nicely in my paraffin bath.

I had a lady come to me about a month ago and she had very large feet. boy what a mess. as her foot didnt fit whole into the paraffin bath i had her dip her toes in and then her heels and then i ended up getting a cup to pour extra paraffin over her feet. got there in the end but the paraffin bath was messed up all over top and edges and i had wax spillages all around the bath.

she is due to come again shortly - any ideas on how to get around this.

i know some people use brushes to brush on the paraffin but not sure what type of brush and surely this is hard to get a thick even coverage.

any ideas/help would be much appreciated.
Check out this link - it is the exact brush I use for doing paraffin wax treatments.
Buy Paraffin Wax Brush from Beauty Express

Get a bowl large enough to hold all the wax you will need. But line it well with foil FIRST. Spoon in the wax. Place your cling film under the clients foot and then apply the wax.

If you are careful and have a large enough piece of cling film under the foot then there should be no mess at all using this method.

As for getting a thick, even coverage, you just keep on applying it in layers until you have a covering you are happy with.

wow that was quick. many thanks - ill get one of those ready for her next visit and try it. thanks again.
Ive got a Homedics paraffin bath from feet, and it fits my hubbies size 13 clodhoppers in, so Im sure your lady wouldnt have any trouble fitting hers in there.
It was fairly cheap aswell, only about £30.
HI, dont know if they would work for you, but you can buy the paraffin strips, you place them in the wax and then wrap and cover. These are mostly use for other areas, but might work for you.

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