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helz :)

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Jul 20, 2010
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im having a big problem with spots all over my fac :cry: and im fed up.
people have been noticing it alot and commenting :irked: so i was wondering does anyone know anyy products that can help me?... i dont want to go on the pills and im cleansing, toning and moisturize my skin every night and morning!:eek: ... somebodyyy help me :rolleyes:
I did two courses of Roaccutane ... its not pleasant but the results are excellent!! If you are looking for a skincare regime then I'd suggest looking for a salon that offers any of the following:

CACI Acne Treatment
Environ Skincare
Dermalogica Skincare

I'm not qualified in these, though am researching lots and them all do Anti-Acne treatment programmes.

Good luck!
Mat xx
What are you using on your skin at the mo.The usual mistake people make is to over cleanse with harsh products therefore making the skin even oilier and more prone to spots.
There are many skincare ranges that will work with your skin.If you can it would be better for you to go to a salon and they can recommend a skincare range for you professional products are more expensive than over the counter but are more likely to help.
If you actually have spots that are causing scarring then your dr should be your port of call because unfortunately acne is very hard to treat exclusively with skincare and unfortunately the only solution maybe anti biotics or roaccutane.
Also have a look at your diet and general health as these to can make a lot of difference to your skin.
Do a search on here for acne and you will find more help.
I am not a skin expert !!!!

I read about a treatment system on the net that has worked great for me and many others...I checked it out first with my doctor (as should you) and he said its safe and fine...

Face wash....the more gentle the better...i use Cetaphil and its brilliant for cleansing the skin without stripping the natural oils and is dermatologist recommended.... Welcome to Cetaphil® UK

Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% (this goes right up to 10% for severe 2.5 effective but mild...) applied in a layer after cleansing (i apply at night)

Benzoyl Peroxide can make the skin dry and red to start with but after a few days it will settle down and does remove the bacteria on the can google this system on youtube...and on lots of the acne webforums....they all rave about it.

My skin cleared up within a week and has stayed clear since....cant rate it enough.

Again I AM NOT A SKIN EXPERT and i would ask your doctor first before using anything like Benzoyl Peroxide ... he/she may even give it to you on prescription.

Here are some links that might help...

Acne secrets: fish oil, zinc, pillow cases, etc.

and one of my favourite guru's YouTube- Acne Cure
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People have great sucess with dermalogica's medibac range.
I had a real problem with break-outs. I now use 'dermalogica' and although i get the occasional spot my skin is a thousand times better!!!
I will admit that i over did it and bought as many of their products as pos, which made it worse, so went to my local salon that supplied Dermalogica and the therapist looked over my skin and sorted me out i now only use a cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser! (and a face masque like twice a month.) and my skin is sooooo much better!:green:

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