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Dec 16, 2003
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Hello everyone,

I read through all the pages on Marbeling Technique yesterday, and wow, how wicked it that?!

I couldn't wait to get home and give it a go.

However, I experienced a few problems:

The first nail I did came out beautifully and I was really chuffed and couldn't believe I had managed it! However, it didn't last as the next one I did was really faded and wasn't bold at all, plus when I tried adding some more polish to the water, the drops just sank to the bottom of the bowl, and the film of varnish glooped up and became messy! :cry:

Could someone please help me as I really want to make this technique work for myself and my clients.

I know the basic technique but it's the little things that I need help on - like how to keep the colour bold, whether you start afresh for each nail, and so on.

Please help as I am desperate to get to grips with this technique! :confused:

Carole xxx
Hi there, don't know a great deal about this there are so many other geeks far more up on this subject, however when i have doen this i have always started fresh for each nail.

Keep the drop of polish you are about to pop into the water very close to the suface other wise it does sink, and when you have done one nail clear the polish out and start again before dipping the next nail in. Hope you understand what i am trying to say.

Good luck
Grace x
Hi Grace,

Thanks for this. I will have to try changing the water etc for each nail - shame there isn't another way around it as that will be quite time consuming!

Thanks for the tips though

Carole xxx :biggrin:
Hiya Carole,
The best thing to do is paint the nail white first to give a good base coat.
Then drip the varnish into the cold water, Let it spread out well before you dip the nail into it.You can use a small stick to swirl it around this will give a nice pattern. Also always do the light colours first.
i dont change the water each time, i just skim off any residue with a cocktail stick, then start with the drops of polish again, give it a QUICK swirl and away you go, as grace said dont drop the polish from a great height, try it with some tips untill you get the hang of it, i do it with clear tips then file the well out, apply then cover in clear acrylic, the other way i do it is to put the polish straight onto the nail and swirl with a dotting tool but this takes a while to dry.
Thanks for all your advise! :biggrin:

I have just given it another go now but I used light colours (a pink and a blue) so I wouldn't make too much of a mess (as it was on my lunch break in the office!). Some of the nails have come up really nicely, but others are a bit naff. However, I can understand why darker colours would be better for this technique and that I just need to keep practising.

Thanks everyone.

Carole xxx

Try using acrylic paint or airbrush paint when swirling with your tool it dries pronto and then needs a hefty coat of top coat...
sawasdee ka

I have some very beautifull photos of marble nails with tutorials i will post them on my web site i wish i can do tomorrow i have not had time to look after it but now i will find time .

The tutorials are all photos step by step i will post here in geek when i have put them in web site .

Mui from the land of smiles .
Hi Mui,

That is great. Thanks. I look forward to seeing your tutorials. Just let me know your website address when you have posted them!

Looking forward to it.

Carole xxx :lol:
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