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Oct 19, 2007
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Monticello, NY
Hi Everyone!! Ok so i did a holiday make over for one deserving resident from my area. Christmas eve we picked the winner and have started the make over there are three phases. Now my problem is i need to write a Press Release and i'm not sure how to I have done some research but non of it pertains to salon stuff and i'm just very unsure of my self can anyone point me in the right direction? I understand non of it!!
you could start by talking about the makeover and how you picked the winner
What a great idea !!!!
I'm going to steal it for next year.........LOL

I'd start by telling everyone about yourself, the salon and it's services.
Then about what the make-over entailed.
Then the type of people who entered the comp and why you picked the winner.
Include a few details (name, age, occupation) of the winner and the aftercare advice you would give her.
Then shamelessly plug the salon and don't forget the phone number and perhaps an incentive (10% discount on first visit, or introduction of a friend etc etc)

Speaking as an editor, the best advice I can give you is to keep to the point. Is this a general press release to be sent to lots of places, or is it for one particular publication? You should keep in mind who is going to be reading it, as you do not want to use too many technical terms in something that is to be read by the public, whilst you do not want to be seen to be 'dumbing down' if it will be read by professionals.

Whilst it is tempting to go into a lot of details, many editors will be looking to cut your article down to fit into whatever space they have, so try not to write too much. Don't forget to include some pictures too if you have any, as good images can often make it more appealing.

If you would like any more advice, feel free to get in touch.