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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys and girls hoping someone can help me before i go out the door at 6.40pm to do a cleints nails. She has today anounced that she would like white tips but im using fabric# so am wondering how to get round the fact that if i lay fiberglass over the white tip wont it leave a mark where the fiberglass overlaps the smile line as there will be a 'ledge'
I dont blend the white tip just take the shine off is this right has anyone got any hints for me (and nope cant use the more than white all out! :?)
Sorry i didn't get to this before your appointment! Well for next time ...

Apply the french tip as normal over your first layer of BOND. Apply the tip using BOOST and use enough so it it squidges out when you lower the tip onto the free edge. Then take your Brush On Activator, and pat the resin that has squidged out so that it fills the gap or ledge between the nail and the tip. When dry, the fibre will settle smoothly over the nail and tip and you can proceed as normal from there.

The coolest thing about the system is not to be afraid to make it work for you. If you need to fill a gap ... fill it using BUILD or BOOST. You can't come to any harm doing things like this. BOOST is the gap filler so use it when you need it.

Okay so I made the mistake of not applying Bond before I applied the tip. Also, if it is a natural tip, can you use Gelbond to glue the tip to the free edge? And would pink Gelbond be best?
Thank you Geeg!
What a fab solution!
I would never have thought of doing that.....there have been quite a few instances where I could have used this technique.Although I think I know how adaptable and how easily Fabric# can be customised....I have lots more to learn and enjoying every minute of that learning! :)

The more I work with and learn about Fabric# the more versatile it becomes!
Im def gonna give that a go!
beautifulnails03 said:
Okay so I made the mistake of not applying Bond before I applied the tip. Also, if it is a natural tip, can you use Gelbond to glue the tip to the free edge? And would pink Gelbond be best?

It is not the end of the world if you applied the tip without doing a first coat of BOND. BUT your whole enhancement will last better if you follow the instructions. It is a common mistake when starting and we have all done it because we are not used to it. However your tips will stay firmer for much longer if you use the correct method.

Yes you can use GelBond to apply the tips and pink would be best (always in my opinion) for looks.
aw thanks geeg ;) never mind i now know for next time as it so happens last night was a bit of a disaster and i felt a bit out of my depth my cleints thumb nails where extremley big and squat if that makes sense with a bit of a ski slope going on which i did not discover until i had soaked off her old set of L&P (her last tech must have been very good as you just couldnt tell with the extension on):oops: :oops: :oops: so i then had to inform her that i didnt have a big enough tip to fit her and that her thumb nails would need to be sculpted which i cant do :oops: :oops: :oops: oh well she was fine about it :? once i had soaked off the daughters nails i also discovered i couldnt do those either
i probly could have and i was racking my brains like mad about advice geeg has given us on fixing broken natural nails with fabric# but her natural nail had totally split from side wall to side wall in the middle of her nail bed and could be totally bent forward it had split nearly right the way through and was kinda just hanging in there :? i just felt way out of my depth here also and though the safest thing to do was not to apply anything to it and let it grow out i didnt want to overlay as i couldnt scrub fresh proply and was worried about the risk of bacterial infection did i do the right thing? :( and lordy knows how it wasn't stinging like daddyo in the soak off! so i left with out doing any fabric# last night not good! i realy must save my pennies and go on a sculpting course :oops: :? so this doesnt happen again any advice geeg incase i come across this situation again, which i realy hope i dont in a hurry!! her husband was a bit miffed and commented thats like having a hairdresser that cant colour hair i was a bit upset at this but i sappose i can see his point of veiw but everyones got to start somewhere right? at the mo i feel like a bit of a fraud!! :(
Aw Nicki!!!!!

As far as the split nail goes, a Fabric# overlay would have been the perfect solution to stabilize this nail for the client.

Prep as normal, ScrubFresh well (even if it stings for a second ... any antiseptic will sting and is good for it) and apply some Bond in the split first and hold together to stabilize. Then start the process of BOND, tip, fabric, Bond again, Build, Boost Etc.

As far as the wide nails go, often if you take the well out of the tip, this allows the tip to 'spread' a little more and reach the sidewalls. A few layer of BOOST will fix the ski-jump look.

It's all part of experience, but try to loosen up a little and don't be afraid to experiment. Most of us have learned many tricks by applying logical thought process to the problem and daring to have a go.
thanks geeg for being so encouraging as usual!! :D i think i knew deep down i could fix it with the fabric# but im such a chicken aye :D
i cant wait for the day when i can hold my head up and have total confidence in my abilities but i guess that comes with time and plenty of practise and that just doesnt happen over night! :rolleyes:
however her grumpy husband did inspire me to get out the performance forms and have a go and i was quiet chuffed with my first attempt although it was a little on the flat side :D probly down to dodgy form fitting dispite having studied sams fab :D tutorial prior to my masterpiece ( 'cough cough' ) lol
could you advise me on which way you think i should do the sculpting training one to one or sculpting master class? i am unsure if the master class is for those with previous expereince in sculpting to help perfect their technique as aposed to starting from scratch
Actually, many technicians have learned to sculpt by attending the Master class. some will go to perfect technique, many go to learn from scratch.

You do have to prove your skill at sculpting on the Masters Qualification Day so you'll have to practice after the class but the tutorial will make much more sense to you after the class so it is a great help.
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