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Hi Kerrie,

Can I just say really well done for getting any sort of success with a horsey person, especially one who possibly doesn't take much care of her nails. I have many friends who work with horses and they are a nightmare because they are all bashing nails, catching them and all sorts of nasty things! Well done.


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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi :)

I have a client with very short nail beds and i have done a set of white tips with pink acrylic overlay and im having alot of problems with her nails, it seems every few days she is having them popping off :( or she is having lifting problems and now 2 of them have discoloured as in yellowing of the pink acrylic.

I have done many sets and not had this problem before and im going to do my creative enhancement and rebalance course in 2 weeks so im sure that im going to learn alot of different tips from that, but for now im not sure what to do.

I have checked my prep and made sure that im not touching the cuticle with product (making a little road around the cutical) .

Im not quite sure what to do i keep repairing and replacing but the same thing is happening over and over although she doesnt seem discouraged its very down heartening for me as im sure im doing the best work i can.

Or maybe i should put on the v tip tips instead of the white tips? the white tips i have dont have to be blended , maybe its because they are not being blended is where some of my problems lie?

She is coming tomorrow and im thinking maybe i should soak them all off and put on a new set , buliding up the nail beds longer with acrylic?

I have also heard another technique for very short nail beds of putting a blended tip on and cutting it flush with the tip of the finger thus creating a false nail bed and then applying the white tip over top that doesnt have to be blended? im not sure how this would work?

If i was to do this how would i go about doing that? would i bring the acrylic right up to the tip of her finger? will the acrylic irritate her skin underneath? and what happens when they start to grow out ?

I would really appreciate some expert advice on this as im getting very down hearted about it and its not happening to any of my other clients.

Kerrie :)
Don't be downhearted, especially if this is your only problem client ... and you know what? Sometimes we can't solve every problem unless you were to sit on the client's shoulder and see everything SHE is doing with those nails :D

Using a tip on a tip is one way to do a makeover technique that creates the illusion of a longer nail bed and you apply the French tip just as you would to a normal nail plate only in this instance the plate has been created by another tip -

Using French tips on a very short nail bed is not normally reccommended for two reasons: lack of strength and lack of beauty. Lack of strength because the short nail plate is out of balance in the first place, and lack of beauty because the white tip only accentuates that short plate.

As for bridging the gap -- you can either sculpt the free edge onto the form - where you want it to be - and then fill in the gap and complete the rest of the enahncement with pink with no worries as the form is protecting the skin or

You can lengthen the plate with a thin layer of pink on to the skin and then apply a tip to it and overlay as normal BUT (doing this application as a one off would not tend to irritate the skin (provided it is healthy skin) BUT should not be done repeatedly at every appointment or you could risk overexposure). They grow out quite successfully in my experience.

I would reccomment the first 2 suggestions over the last one, for complete saftey.

The discolouration could be due to the fact that the client just doesn't take care of the enhancements and they are dirty. Nail biters usually don't care for their enhancements very well.

Don't be down hearted ... you obviously take your business seriously and want to do well for the client .. I think you are doing that ... the problems are on her end - encourage her to take more care of your artistry!
hi geeg :

Thank you for such a quick reply :)

Yes i have been persisting with this client and i know she rides horses and takes care of them in the paddock so i guess that doesnt help her nails and she has 4 kids :D

If i try the tip over tip method is that going to be ok using an opaque tip? like blend and cut flush with the tip of the finger and then apply the white tip? or will that give her a two tone nail bed?

If i tried sculpting the nail bed , i dont have any sculping forms as my sculptured nails look like big blobs :D so i dont really offer that service , would that be ok without forms if i just apply acrylic up to the tip and buff neatly before i apply the tip? or should i put the tip in before the acrylic sets?

Or should i just give up on the french look she loves so much and offer her the opaque tips until i "train" her nails and they are longer and she can wear them with polish? ( she really loves the french and wants me to keep persisting with it) Until i do my course with creative im a little hesistant to try the french look with the opaque tips , but im not really sure that would work either.

Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement :)

Kerrie :)
Whether or not you use the 'tip on tip' method OR the 'bridging' method' you will get a slightly two toned look BUT this is easily disguised by using two coats of 'Neglige' our most popular Creative colour. You would have to look hard to see it and remember that it is a disguise, a means to an end. Yes you would use an ordinary tip just as you describe in paragraph 3.

Do you not use White acrylic?? Using this would mean that you didn't have to use 2 tips.

If you 'bridge' then you would buff and then apply the tip to the bridge. Can look ugly if you don't work thin so bear this in mind.

Now you have 2 new goals!! Make it your priority to learn to sculpt and to learn to use the white acrylic. It will solve a lot of problems for you and make you a better rounded technician ... it all comes in time, but if you set goals it does help to acheive what you want. ;)

A great way to learn to sculpt is to always sculpt when you do a repair or one new nail on a client ... this gives you practice without the anxiety of having to do a full set of sculpts. Gradually you will build up your confidence and be able to use this method whenever you want.

We all have clients like this one who really doesn't have time for her nails and treats them a bit harshly - she sounds a very busy lady but seems to take responsibility for what she does to them - unlike some - in that she does not put the blame on you for her problems.
I do use white acrylic, so if i just use the ordinary tips and apply the white acrlyic higher that where her nail bed finishes creating a high smile line that should work better than the other methods?

I havent done that before so i am a little hesistant, but as this client has alot of patience and is persistant i could give this try tomorrow and soak her remaining nails off and try this.

again thank you for your advice and wish me luck i might still be going at them this time tomorrow , I will let you know how it works out :)

Kerrie :)
That's it Kerrie.

Use a normal tip. blend, and then place the white where you want it to be.

You will get a slight 2 toned effect, but you will anyway no matter which method you use, and this is the simplest solution for now.

2 coats of that 'neglige' will make them look fab. It really disguises the 2 toned thing!

I suppose you are just finishing the day in Sidney while we are just starting ours!! Have a good night.
great i will give that a go in the morning :) i dont have negilge is there anything else that would do as a substitute until i can get some?

Yes its 9pm here at night now and getting ready for bed soon , you have a great day :)
Any slightly pinky/milky colour that will disguise the two-toned effect but still allow you to see the white. I only know Creative colours - another one is 'lighten up'. Sorry, I am a passionate Creative Brand user and have never felt the need to use anyother brand for years now.

When I can find another line that gives me everything Creative does then I'll use it. And I do try everyother line whenever I can but so far nothing has ever been as good for me.

Sweet dreams.
I have something similar to that and i will try it, i cant wait to do my creative course and get my hands on Thier products !

Again i cant thank you enough geeg i have a clear picture in my head what im going to do tomorrow and the confidence, just hope i have the ability lol

Thank you , nite nite :)

WOW! :shocker:

I am so surprised at myself im nearly bursting :D

I know im sounding like a broken record but i cant thank you enough for your advice and tips yesterday geeg.

I thought about all the methods and weighed up which one i thought i could do best, i soaked off her nails and applied normal tips and blended them , her nails and grown a little in the time she had had the white tips on but not really alot but it made things easier.

I blended the tips and applied the white acrylic just above the end of her nail to create a higher smile line to give her nail bed a longer appearance i done this to all her nails and then the pink, it also gave me a bit more room on her natural nail bed to apply the pink.

This was the first time i have attempted to do this with ordinary tips and white acrylic as i wasnt trained to do pink and white and have just been learning from what i have read on the hundreds of web pages and though these boards and i must say i am pretty proud of myself for first attempt at this on a nail biter, although they didnt look as good as any other set im sure but i was happy with the transformation and my client was estatic, and then said ohhhh i have a camera in my bag we should have taken before and after pictures lol

I did have that two toned effect with the nail beds and i applied a pale pink base coat as it was all i had and the results were stunning compared to what they were like when she came in, some smile lines were a little lop sided but im i think it was only me that was noticing them as i was paying so close attention and wanted to make these very natural looking , but im sure that will come with more practice.

All this took me 3 hours to do from soaking off to the base coat i applied, but i was determined to take my time and do everything throughly.

I have now put her on weekly rebalances and given her some cuticle oil to massage morning and night and given her a strict list of rules to follow to look after them, im hoping this will solve all the problems that i was having .

I thinking now of throwing out all my white tips and just doing the french this way lol

Kerrie :)
I'm so pleased you found the suggestions helpful to you.
You are a perfectionist - most really good nail technicians are - and no one who is a perfectionist is EVER completely happy with what they have done.
I'm sure the transformation was remarkable AND it gives one so much satisfaction too!! YOU as well as the CLIENT.
Now she has nails tht are both strong and beautiful. I hope she appreciates all the hard work and artistry you put in to her set and that she looks after them.
Now that her own nails have grown a bit, she will wear them better too.
Hope we can chat again sometime!! :D
I noticed you didn't mention saddle cutting the tips, Geeg. Any reason for this?

Well done Kerrie,
its problems like that and you overcoming them that gives inspiration to us all.
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