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Aug 19, 2004
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I've copied this from a dog forum,
I have entered a competition to win a customised campervan. I have said that I want it pimped so I can transport rescue dogs around the country in style, I do this anyway, but in a camper "pimp my ride style" would be really eyecatching LOL

Anyway, all I have to do to win is have the highest number of votes, whan the comp ends on Sunday 20th August, so not long to go, and i'm in 52nd spot at the moment so need loads of help with this. Tell your friends and vote for me all day if you can. Here's the link...

Kickers - Go Do Something New

She's currently in the lead but many more votes will keep her there.
I tried the link but didn't get a voting page up - just something with a few initials on it?

just voted 4 times - you are Jenny Cole arent you? The page just opened with an option to vote for Jenny Cole!
thats what I was wondering. Want tomake sure Im voting for the right person!!
Yes Jenny Cole is the one to be voting for, i'm not Jenny Cole but i'm posting this on her behalf, she transports dogs up and down the motorways from rescue centres, foster homes etc. and this would make her job so much easier, keep voting guys, let her win.
Iv voted hth's x
I wondered who jenny cole was, I have voted twice, I will get my kids on it in the morning!
Voted 10 times or more up to now.

Hopw she wins - I love dogs and think it sounds fab what she does.

Fingers crossed.:)