Help What is this new treatment?


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Jan 20, 2009
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orpington kent
I have had a client come in this morning who has told me that alot of her friends who usally come to me are going to a mobile therapist as she does a treatment but I dont know what it is.
She said it takes 15minutes to do you can have any colour or french put on you then put your hand in a machine (which I assume is to cure what it is they have put on) and thats it ready to go. Apparently the ladies have had them on for 5 weeks with no chips but they have to go back to her to have them taken off.

Please help what is this treatment ??:irked:
This could be any number of soak off gel or polish products which have recently come on the market.

Where have you been LOL?
I dont do false/gel nails so all new to me apparently the product does come in a pot so i am sure it is not a polish!! thanks for your reply:lol:
From a pot, it would be a Soak Off Gel like; Eco, OPI Axxium, Akcentz, NSI Illusions, etc.
I was actually thinking Dashing divas with gel on??? They come in lots of colors too..
could also be shellac, Calgel or bio sculpture gel
could even be gelish = painted on and then placed under a lamp doable in around 15-20 mins quicker if no manicure

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