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Jul 4, 2004
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Cottonwood, AZ
i'm looking for aluminum or metal dowel rods made specifically for nails. they are for perfecting the c-curve. i saw them at the Vegas show, and was told they are from France. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Try ... think you may find what you are looking for there....
Or PM Antony Buckley here, he'll know for sure :)
Thanks for the info. I looked on the site but couldn't find them. Is Antony with EZ Flow? If he is I met him at the show. EZ Flow had them at their booth, but the lady was rude when I asked about them. He probably would know. Thanks!
OOPS! ...sorry thought Id seen 'em in the 'accessories' section there.
Yup, Antony is Ez Flows 'grand master' ... he'll definately know what you're talking about! (he uses 'em).
Send him a PM, he's definately not rude ... he's lovely ;)
thanks! I will PM him. I talked to him at the show, and he was really nice, he helped me out a lot! thanks again!
Excuse my ignorance, but how do you use metal rods to help with doing the c curve??
Do you know about pinching?
You do this to 'bring in' where zone 1 and 2 meet .. you know, it sometimes looks a bit wide just there?
Well pinching, sort of streamlines the enhancement a little.
You can damage the natural nails if you overpinch (too much pressure).
So, when you first start doing this, its best to use your thumb nails so that you get the 'feel' for the right amount of pressure to use.
Once youre used to it you can then move on to the 'pinching irons'.
Hope this helps a bit .. not very good at explaining, lol!
Ant is a gent and I am sure that he will point you in the right direction :biggrin:
Also it is ok to use the end of your acrylic brush to create a c curve
Is Anthony italian??
Simona said:
Is Anthony italian??

I dont think so :confused:
I think you are mixing him up with Marco ?
No, I don't think he is. He has an english accent. Doesn't look Italian to me.
greenpajamas23 said:
No, I don't think he is. He has an english accent. Doesn't look Italian to me.

I think she means marco benito, Not Ant :)
you're probably right.
ok, simona actually means antonio, he's the italian distributor for ezflow!!!!

now the dowel rods, i got mine from our swedish educator but they are available in the uk. please feel free to pm me for more info.

sawasdee ka

We have post some photos in my web site you can look if you want click gallery click metal rods and click photo for pop up we put the photos for usa tech was looking for them and we have photos about 8000 but i know where to find this photo :) .

We think in japan very exspensive but the idea is good and marti presuss is using this product rods for many years and she can make with dowel we put some make of wood in photo 2 .

You can look if you want .

Thank you mui
sawasdee ka anthony

Do you think this product is good or not do you think it have a future and is this rod a product that will be very good for nail tech for sculpt help her .

We are tinking about make this product in Thailand but we do not want to make if it is not good for nail tech and for the future .

Thank you mui

[email protected]
hi mui,

the dowels are a very good product, i use them all the time when i'm sculpting to help get the perfect c curve, makes my job alot easier!!!!


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