herbal blonde toner?


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tracey louise

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Nov 5, 2006
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i was thinking about buying some herbal blonde toner but when i read the instructions i wasnt sure how you were suppse to apply it:confused: are you suppose to apply it to wet hair or dry hair as it doesnt say or am i just being dumb?im not even sure if its the right thing,i wanted a sort of blonde toner that i was able to use myself at home as i really struggle with my blonde going brassy.any help would be great.thanks
You are best off not messing with something you don't have training for.
What if you apply this toner and end up with pink hair? Purple hair too. See my avatar? I used the wrong toner.But isn;t it a loverly shade of purple? :D
Even toners can make your hair go ashy grey!
Yes it can happen! There are many toners out there and each one has its own tonal base, Do you Know which tonal base this one is???
I know you don't want to have to go thru wierd colored hair hun, spend the money and have a licensed hairstylist do it for you.

Go buy yourself some blonding shampoo. This shampoo is a violet shampoo and will get rid of brassy tones in blonde hair. Use once to twice a week as needed.:hug:

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