Hive hand held roller heater feedback ??


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Little Angel

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Jul 28, 2003
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Lincolnshire, England

We need a new roller wax system in the salon, our depilieve one is not behaving itself!

I was looking at getting this one
Hand-Held Roller Depilatory Heater at Hive of Beauty LTD

Its a little more compact as we need to fit a double pot heater on the trolley plus the roller wax. (one for warm and one for hot)

So has anyone got one of these? How do you find it? Does it maintain its temperature? Is it comfortable to hold (as in the heat?)

Thank you to anyone who can help really appreciate it.
Hi Tracy, I switched to this system as I didn't really get on with the spatula / waxpot system. I find it really easy to use and it halves the time I spend waxing which was the main reason I switched. As for holding a hot cartridge, my kit came with a cover for the bigger cartridges so they don't burn your hand. It also came with an instructional dvd gives you a demo....personally I'd say go for it.
HTH :)
Lisa x
Hi Lisa

Thanks for your reply

We do already have a roller system by depilieve and the cartridges fit into a holster. Its these that have been the problem the holsters crack and basically dont hold up to everyday wear. The first lot we had were great but once replaced.......... now the heaters that they sit on are not holding a consistant temperature.

I am not sure weather to go for another holster like the hive or the ones you put the carboard sleves around???????
I'm the same as Lisa I wouldnt be without it, I hate my pot now!
I can't answer your specific questions about the Hive heater you have posted a link to, but one disadvantage of it might be that you can only have one cartridge heating at a time whereas with Depileve you probably have two (?)

You would probably be better off with the Hive one that looks like a toaster that holds 6 cartridges, or a Clean n Easy one that holds 3 large and various small cartridges.

I am pretty much a die hard pot and spatula waxer but I do own a Clean n Easy heater and I do own a Depileve so I have some experience of working with rollers.
Hi zo zo

yes we have 2 lots of the depilieve double heaters, i was going to get two of the hive ones not just one, you can join them magnetically.

I am up for any other cartride roller systems.

The only reason i havnt looked at the ones that just heat the cartridges is the carboard holders?? I dont know i just think they look well cheap!

Love rollering myself for legs but use the pot wax for u/a b/l and facial waxing.

I am going to try the per reg hot wax too.
Clean n Easy's holder is reusable rather than cardboard - that might be worth looking at. And some people just wrap a strip around the cartridge.

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