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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
hi everyone.

an elderly lady came to see me to see if i could take the extensions she had on off, and to put her some new ones on. now these extensions were absolutely awful now i'm not saying mine are 100 percent. but they are remarkable at the side of these. this lady has arthritis so her fingers are all bent thats not got nothing much to do with my query its just to say this lady likes having nails on to make her hands look slightly better. so i soaked her nails off and to my horror one of her nails was really green with a hole in it. she said she could not feel a thing. but when the previous technician was performing an infill she kept going back to this nail and buffing. and she had an awful pain in it for ages.
I told the lady that id better not put extensions on her until i'd got some proper advise. so i'm ringing her tomorrow. what does everyone think should i get her to sign a disclaimer and go ahead. i personally think this hole and green will grow out but would love advise please.
hi cha'nails.......someone posted a similar question yesterday, the difference was that it was a mans nail that had been damaged at work and it ended up with a hole in it and there were no greenies present.

geeg gave some excellent advice as to how to deal with it........have a look back at some previous posts to find it, i am sure you will find it of some use to you :)

thanks for that but i've searched for that post and couldnt find it any ideas what the title was.
It was posted by FingernailFixer under the topic 'Acrylic Dilemma'!!! could be on the next page :shock: So many posts :D
mrs geek, thankyou i found it, i had looked at that post loads and thought nah! thats not it.
you know what thought did.

thanks jan x
welcome x :oops: 8)
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