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Feb 10, 2004
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cleveland, UK
I always advise my ladies to keep their hands out of bleach etc when they have l&p on their nails, and yet when they go on holiday, they're in and out of the pool (ie.nails are in chlorine all the time) so their nails start to peel and lift.
Is there any way round this happening, other than telling them to keep out of the pool and the sea for the whole of their holiday?! Or is it always gonna happen?
I get a lot of ladies at this time of year wanting their nails done especially for their hols, and then they think its my fault when they come off!
Anyone know how i can stop this happening ?
Holidays should not present any problems for nails, provided the client keeps up to her regular homecare (maybe a bit more zealous) of using her cutial oil every day.

Think of where they wear the most nails ... California ... pools, pools and pools, are a regular way of life, and do not cause problems for artificial nail enhancments.

No nails should be coming off unless the client has completely ignored the aftercare advice given to use oil to regularly hydrate the plastic and to stop it from becoming dry and brittle.

By the way, using bleach and other household detergents is no porblem either if they do their home maintenance.
I think it is more likely the fact that they have not had nails before and are not used to them that gives them the problem rather than anything else.

I had a lady who came and had her nails done and wanted them longer than I advised - she accepted this, then she went home and packed her suitcase, cleaned her house from top to bottom and broke most of her nails LOL.

I managed to fix them before she left - at her cost!

If people want nails for the first time for going on holiday - see if you can get them in several days before they go to get used to them - make them shorter than they think they want and then they can get used to them and you can fix anything (if time permits) before they go. As Gigi says - homecare is essential!
Thanks for your help...i was starting to think it was my fault... i would feel a bit stupid telling clients they couldn't go in the pool on holiday or their nails would fall off!!!
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