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Missy G

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Sep 7, 2006
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Hi ,
I’ve recently started getting a Hollywood wax , I just wanted to query wether it should be me or the therapist that holds the skin taught whilst she’s waxing me ? The therapist I goto gets me to hold the skin which I believe could open me to infection as she doesn’t ask me to wash my hands first , I don’t feel this is right ?
Wash your hands before your appointment or take sanitiser.

The skin needs to be “braced”. That means held firmly and steadily so that it doesn’t move. This reduces the risk of a friction burn and skin grazing and makes your experience more comfortable. It also reduces the risk of hair snapping and breaking leaving the roots behind so your hair regrows weeks sooner.

Not everyone needs to brace their skin to help the therapist, female anatomy has all sorts of wonderful variations so if you speak to your friends some will stretch their skin to help the therapist and some won’t need to.

I rarely need to ask a client to place their hands on a very intimate area - mainly because I find clients are rubbish at doing this properly. I have been taught to ask clients to place their hands over the labia which gives an amazing result - so speedy and comfortable, but I often have clients with stiff fingers who don’t “get it”.

You should expect to co-operate with your therapist, especially to open your legs wide, lift any overhanging areas and support the weight of your butt cheeks so she can get in. If your labia lips are droopy and you grow hair between the lips of your inner and outer labia that area will need to be opened up and held.

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