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You know what, when I first started getting my acrylics done a few years ago, I thought I'd buy a retail kit at Walmart to tide me over if I broke a nail or - hey - even do my own fills LOL. Save me some money!

So I attempted to do this, and discovered that it took more than a kit, it took talent and brains and skill and a whole lot of practice to do this. So I chucked the kit, revisted the salon with renewed admiration and eventually ended up learning the trade myself.

I think these kits actually may work against themselves if others have similar experiences with them. JMO.


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Aug 28, 2003
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i know this product has been mentioned before but i was so shocked at what i seen today

i was browsing through the shopping chanels on sky there and one of them was selling the same home uv gel kit that you can also now buy in certain shops, well the girl that was promoting it was doing a set on another girl and i have to say they were the most horrible looking things i have ever seen :rolleyes:

the natural nails were filed first rather viciously if i may add, then the tip applied and cut....the tip was then blended onto the natural nail but not very well there was still a huge seam line showing, it was done using acetone and left the nail tip looking very shiney and it was not buffed over to take away the shine, then the nail was primed...all over the nail including the tip and never once was the cuticle area mentioned :rolleyes:
then the gel was applied in 2 coats without the first coat being cured or even flashed for a bit first...they then cured the first 2 coats for i think 4 mins then they applied another coat and it had to be cured for.....wait for it....9 MINUTES :o

when the nails were eventually taken out from the lamp they were the most awfull things i have ever seen, as i said the tips showing through on the nail bed very badly and they were as flat as a pancake, they had no shape to them at all

well i thought maybe it was just because they were limited for time on the show but it then showed some before and after pictures and they all looked the same if not worse.

i really dont understand how that could possibly impress anyone and make them rush out and buy a kit thinking wow i can do a great job with this, it just made me think about how much training is needed to be able to apply a good set of nails and surely anyone else seeing it must have thought the same

i have always loved messing about with my own nails but even if i was not training to do l&p right now i would still never waste my money on something like that :x
Well there will always be those who think they can do it themselves that's why Boots etc. sell all this stuff.

I have an acquaintance who does her own nails with a L&P kit she gets at Boots and they are ghastly!! LOng and thick and lumpy and she loves them!! Go figure!! She looks at my thin natural-looking enhancements and doesn't even seem to see the difference!!

Never mind. they have been selling these kits in the States for years and still the professional nail business grows every year. Don't worry about it.
If there are people out there that want the unprofessional look, hey this kit is just the job..............
Then once they have realized it isn't that easy, like most things, it will probably find it's way in a nice little corner of a cupboard................Sharing a place with all the other oh so must have at the time items.................

I dont think this sort of stuff will put us professional Techs out of business, after all you can buy all sorts of D.I.Y hairstuff at boots and the likes.......
But the hairdressers are usualy the ones that put all those home mistakes right.................So more then likely we will have to do the same...........
Most people know, if you want it done right go to the place that will do that for you ...US.............But hey on a positive note, it shows Nails are in!!!!!!

love Ruth xxx
scratchmyback said:
I think these kits actually may work against themselves if others have similar experiences with them. JMO.

I completely agree, once a client has tried and failed with these kits, they're more likely to come to us to get their nails done properly. It may even encourage them whereas before they tried the kit they'd never consider getting their nails done. I think they help the nail industry in a funny sort of way :D
Are you allowed to name this home learn kit.

luv jules. :flower:
It doesn't need a name ... there are dozens of things like it in any chemist.

I know the product very well and it sucks! It is not a professional product and it doesn't even come close to doing a professional job even in the hands of an expert. Don't stress over it. Most of us started to do our own nails because we thought we could!! Some of us succeed and most don't.

Other people have eyes too and can see when something is UGLY.
My friend got a uv gel kit for her birthday :( She asked my opioin on it and to tell the truth, It was not good. :rolleyes: :(
The lamp was meant to be a 9watt it did not even get warm, the video said you should blend the tip once glued to the nail :x not good advice for a novice. These kits should be banned to save people the trouble of having nail problems that will cost more than the cheap kits to put right.
Just my 2 pence worth.
Pinkie, the kit I was talking about was just a DIY kit I picked up at Walmart years ago. Not meant to be a home-learn type of product or technique. As Geeg says, some of us tried to learn by this method and yes they were ugly.

I have an update to this story - sadly - I was in the States this past weekend visiting a Sally Beauty store. I was in the market for some nail art stuff so thought I'd pop in. A customer and the clerk were discussing a DIY gel kit that the customer wanted to take with her to the Caribbean where she was headed for 3 months! She wanted to do the upkeep on her nails herself because she didn't think anybody down there could do them. This was a no-light gel kit, and the clerk was telling the customer how to paint on the gel like polish and it will look just as nice as the nails she had done in the salon (which looked horrid; I peeked at them).

No mention of sanitation, or removing the true cuticle from the nailplate. Nothing like that. Just take the money and see you later.

I really had to bite my tongue not to say something to the customer. I didn't want to have an argument with the customer, the clerk, and maybe told to MMOB. She was determined to have her nails. Maybe when she comes back from her vacation she'll have a new appreciation for the industry.

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