How are we all doing?


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I am finished but totally burnt out, we had to battle to get into work through the floods yesterday then when we finished all the roads were flooded so couldn't get home till midnight :( but at least I had a home to go to I guess poor people being flooding 2 days before Christmas :(
Well then our sky broke they will not fix it until next sat ( so no Christmas tv ) :( and to top it all off I am in bed with flu :(((
:-( hope you feeling better soon, sounds like a right start to the holidays x

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Two sets of nails tomorrow for family then I'm done till the 28th ;)


I'm in 9-6 tomorrow then I'm
Done till the 27th x


Salon is open 7-3 tomorrow with hair clients in fully booked, I have 1 client in for acrylics at 9:30 & have 2 members of staff who want glitter adding to tips at some point.

Am hoping not to be too run off my feet as at 4pm I'm due at my sisters for Christmas dinner & present giving !!


I finished a 7 day non stop run today and I've forgotten what it's like to eat 3 meals a day!!! I finished my last client at 3.30pm and by 4.30pm I told my OH I was off for a lay down and woke up at 6!!! That's it for me till 28th December I'm so looking forward to a well earned rest!!!


Latest I worked was 11pm on Friday!!! Working till 8pm tomorrow could do without the no shows though!!!


Ive done 6 12hr days in a row without breaks (and food lol) and am doing 10-1.30 tommorrow then im done till 28th.. And the whole time ive had a Jaw infection, toothache and the biggest ulcers EVER on my tongue (Ouch :().. The joys of xmas :)

Hope your all doing okay :)

And Merry Christmas xxx


I've been doing amazing until Saturday night when I had to go to out of hours service cause iv got an ear, gum and throat infection! :-( not a nice Xmas present x


:-( hope you feeling better soon, sounds like a right start to the holidays x

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Thank you after a day in bed I am feeling a bit better today :)


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woohoo its Christmas!! Finally finished, my god what a week its been! Im exhausted, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm going in one day over xmas to give the salon a deep clean, and I have client bookings on the 29th and 31st, but that still gives me a nice break over christmas.

I've been extremely lucky this week, I havent had any no-shows, and I've only had one cancellation due to the flu.

Roll on next year! This last couple of weeks has really fired me up and I cant wait to sink my teeth into my plans for expansion and development in the new year.

I hope you've all enjoyed your busy pre-xmas weeks :hug:


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I am delighted I'm finished till friday ....mad week

Miss Sparkle

I'm loving the mutual support on this thread :) Hope you're all chilling out with a glass of wine now! I had a lovely lazy day, now a bit of internetting and no clients for 2 days wooohhh :D

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How is everyone today ,
Just sat down after a choca day but that's me off until Monday ,have made enough this week just to tick over ,but the next couple for week will be quite which in a way will be good to recharge after December :-D

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