How did you all find Practice models for Tanning?


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Oct 12, 2011
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South Wales
Title says it all really.
With Nails, I was able to practise loads on myself and family, and charge an introductory offer. But with spray tanning im struggling! Ive asked people at my local school and I have 3 lined up, Im hoping once they get sprayed others will want it too. But as im totally new to it, Ive only sprayed 1 person, and that was on my training! Ive practised with my gun on a big roll of lining paper and got settings sorted and distance etc but how do I tell people that
1) ive never sprayed anyone yet (it'll be totally obvious as those that have volunteered are proficient in having spray tans!)
2) i havnt even got a spray pattern/sequence worked out yet, until I actually spray someone, I have an idea but how it'll work, I dont know!

I totally feel I cannot charge anything while im practising on them, im happy with this, but it seems people arent that interesed in a Free Tan!

(my family live 300miles away so even they're not on hand for tanning)
Have you looked in the group on here for Models wanted? :)
I'm quite fortunate as my family all live nearby so i've managed to rope my partner, family and friends in who are aware that i'm practicing but i've told them i'm giving them a free one to test out my solution..that way even if i'm not perfect the first few times, its free so i wont feel too bad but at the same time getting to know my solution.
you say that you're doing nails too- for your nail customers could you not offer an introductory rate? or for the ones you're closer to just explain that you're training and would like to offer them a free one to introduce you both to spray tanning..
i'm new too, so not to great at advice, but i think that's how i'd go about it x
I was lucky enough to be able to do it on some family members. I also offered it to one of the school mums who has them regular during the summer & i offered it to a mobile hairdresser i know. I made sure they knew i was perfecting what i'd learnt & that i wanted feedback - good or bad! I knew the hairdresser would give feedback from a professional point of view. I also had an introductory rate 'until my certificate came through' - it was really so i could build up a client base. If you can, use Facebook as a tool - its fantastic & i honestly don't think i'd have very much business at all without my Facebook page. x
Whereabouts in Cardiff are you hun? I live in Cardiff and wouldn't mind modelling for you if it would help. I trained with Nouvatan recently so maybe you can return the favour as it sounds like you're in the same dilemma as me. Not quite sure if I'm ready to be let loose on the paying public yet?! Lol!

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