how do i get to excel


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Feb 28, 2003
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Cannock Staffordshire
hi all

well id love to go to excel sunday
but i have never been to london

havnt a clue where im going

im coming from cannock staffs

anyone else going from this area or stafford ?

how early do i go

how much is it going to cost ?

do i get the train to euston ? then where please help guys thanks

hayley x
hi jess thanks for that

i have looked on there but still not sure
where im going you see it tells you that end
but what about this end ?

it baffles me i go everywhere in the car but its too far for me to drive
im scared i dont do trains LOL

it is far for me to come on my own

any ideas if i get a train from stafford to euston where i go then ?

sorry dizzy me Lol

you know what im like

hayley x
Do what I do.....get a cab!!! I am notorious for getting lost :shock: :oops: :)

I've checked on the Underground websites and I think this is your route...

From Euston Train station get on the Northern Line (the Black colour one on an Underground Map) to Bank Under Ground station.......get off at Bank and find the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) Platform, then go to Custom House with is at Excel itself.

It is quite complicated, so I think honestly if it was me I would get a cab 0 I would rather pay for a cab than get lost and stressed and miss something good at the show!


London Tube Map ^^ !! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

From what I can see, the best way would be to get off at Euston, and onto the Northen Line (black line). Get off at BANK, and get on the CENTRAL line (red line) and get off at STRATFORD, then get on the the Docklands Light Rail (the 2 'turquiose' lines) straight to Excel (Custom House)...

OR you could take the route which Trinity Nails said.

I get off at Liverpool St and am taking the central line to Stratford then onto the docklands line.

Good luck, its easy when you get the hang of it!! Print out the map and take it with you, thats what i do!!

...and if you get lost just look for ladies with nice nails - they're bound to be going to Excel too and you can tag along with them!!! :D :D :D

That's what I did at the Wembley show and it got me there!!! ;)

Good luck!

If you have a look on the ticket it says, wherever you are, get connected to the Jubilee line, so I'd do the northeren line to London Bridge, then onto the jubilee line to Canning town, that little bit and the rest are written on the ticket, so you only have to remember, "the northern line to London bridge", then read from the ticket. Both Tinas or Laylas directions are okay as well! Just thought I'd try and confuse you Hayley! lol
thanks all for your replies on this

nightmare though isnt it what a performance

i hope i dont bottle it and not go

i hate it when im looking for directions and dont know where i am

especially being so far away from home

i so so want to go to watch all the demos and meet you all

id catch a taxi but im not that loaded just got back off me hols and the bank balance isnt flowing 2 good !

i guess you lot have all been saving

luv hayley x
you've got to go Hayley and model your new top!

Can't you get someone to go with you? I'm taking my mum with me, You've got to have someone to carry all the bags!! lol

Sue x
well suey

my friend was coming with me
but now she seems to be like quite about the idea like she doesnt want to come, she hasnt sed so but just seems quite

shes just got back off her holiday too

and when i told her about the train fares etc she didnt say alot

so i guess ill be going at the last min like everything i do in my life is at the last min

im hopeless

have all you guys got your tickets ?

or are you driving etc

luv hayl x
Right girls, the easiest route for Exel is, London Liverpool Street.........
Central line to Stratford, change at Stratford on to the DLR, you will have to change at Poplar DLR station for EXEL........otherwise you will find yourself traveling towards Canary Wharf and on to Lewisham.....wrong direction lol lol ...........
Poplar DLR Station is tiny, any train going to Beckton will take you to Exel.......

hope this helps
love Ruth xx
hi haley
I know what you mean about being confused, I am.
When i was sorting out train times to go I couldn't get one to get me there on sunday early enough, so I'm having to go on saturday and stay over, which means my friend cant come with me, and because i'm a big scaredy cat I'm staying over on sunday as well cos i don't want to travel back at night on my own.
I was told Euston station is closed on Saturday so I'm coming into St Pancras.
Ruth am i right in saying that St Pancras is only about 8 miles from becton, if i'm right i might just get a taxi, but i have wrote down your directions, depends on how brave i'm feeling on the day.

Hayley is there any way you can get down the day before, it cost me £45 per night for the hotel, I'm staying at the travel in in becton,
oh and my train ticket from Telford cost me £31.90 return.

i'll keep my fingers crossed for you
Hope to see you there
Yep it's about 8-10 miles from Exel...................
But don't be scared, the underground systems is easy and well sign posted. Even the tourists can do it and most of them don't even speak english lol...........
Think of it as an adventure lol................
I do every morning as I travel into the city , well I have led a sheltered life lol ...................Bus shelters, cycle shelters lol only kidding ..........

So we will be seeing you there
love Ruth xxxxxxx
to all the girsl freaking out about trains and the'll be fine!!

I come from Perth in Australia and we have a very primative train system...3 land lines that radiate from a central point and go in a straihgt line out and then end...kind of like a 3 leg star fish!!! So you can imagine my horror when I was faced with travelling on the underground!! but honestly is is Ruth said every place is well sign posted and there are information staff at most stations adn fellow passengers are usually willing to help. has a journey planner as does the tube website

good luck and hope to see you there!
hi guys

right ok im all set for sunday i think

i have decided im going to catch the national express coach from my home town here in cannock at 7.20 am
it gets me into victoria station at 11.20 am

now i need help !

where do i go from victoria station ?

ruth maybe you will be able to help ? as you seem to know your journeys LOL

ill await your replies

im so nervous about the journey

but when i get there ill be fine

and you guys can all look out for me and say hi

ill have my t-shirt on

black and white with haylznailz on you wont be able to miss me LOL ;)
Right guys and gals,
due to a anti terrorist exercise, bank station will be closed this coming sunday....................
Which means go wont be able to use this station as a get on or get off point.................the trains will just pass through................
So check out the link mandi posted to replan your journey...........

Right Hailz, Victoria station.............
Get on the district line east bound..........the green one(thats the colour of the route on your underground map)............ travel to tower hill......... come out of tower hill station, turn left , follow the path to the main road, cross the traffic light (big Y-junction) and you will see DLR Tower gateway station.......
Take the first train to Beckton, this train stops at Custom house for Exel.......and there you are .............

hope this helps
love Ruth xxx
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