How do you get round your other job hours while working mobile?


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Nov 15, 2007
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I work in a different field altogether, where my shifts are lates and earlys, such as 2-9 and 7-2, how can I promote my mobile business, round this? As before I used to work elsewhere, where my time was limited, I lost four clients through this. I am wanting to entice back, but unsure how??

I also want a career out of mobile therapy, but must work to keep the wolf from the door.

What would you do??:confused::confused:
do a leaflet drop and put your mobile on it.....when they phone you up you can book them when you can fit them in...thats the benefit of chose hours/days hun....once you get enough if you want,you can give the other job up...hth huni x
Thanks, this happened before but lost the clients, didnt want this happening again.

How would you advertise, appointment by arrangement or something else??

Sorry to for questions.
Hi i started mobile in September at the time i wanted to do mondays and tuesdays during school hours , i put my flyers out at advertised on them ..i was looking for new clients on a mon & tuesday during the day,if they were available to be pampered in the comfort of their own home then give me a ring for more details....:)mind u i still had peeps phoning up for appointments other times..which you have to turn away if you ve got other commitments!!!

My circumstances have now changed im looking at doing nails on a tues & fri ,i havent stated this with my recent leaflets,and i unfortunatly seem to be getting evening appointments at the moment,be coz everyone works during the day,roll on spring im hoping i can get alot of pedicures in during the mums @ home wid babes & tods,i aint enjoying going out in the evening speacilly wid the frost,n the traffic i have to sit in...ggrrrr!!:mad:n the fact im not the fastest of nail techs,i think the waft of the monomer keeps me awake of an must be glad when ive gone.

I have another buisness too thats going well so maybe i can aford to turn peeps down if i dont wanna venture out in the cold of an eve...
I have another job and it is working OK round my beauty, I think if you say you are fully booked rather than you are working at your other job it sounds better and may put clients off less. xx
I have another job and it is working OK round my beauty, I think if you say you are fully booked rather than you are working at your other job it sounds better and may put clients off less. xx

I think this is where I went wrong, I am going to start making new flyers, after the festive season is over.

Thanks everyone!!!:)
It doesn't matter what times you offer, there will always be people who want what you can't give them. I have potenial clients ringing saying 'can you see me in 10 minutes' when they live 20-30 minutes away and then you never hear from them again because you can't make it. I have 3 other jobs that I have to schedule around so if I can't make it then tough. However, I do offer appointments up to 9pm and also on Sundays. I currently have 1 person whos brother organised a gift voucher for her and everytime she rings its Mon or Fri when I have told her over and over that those 2 days I cannot do massage. :grr:
It is frustrating, my husbands friend has kindly offered to put out my price list for me, and said that I had made his mum smile, she hasnt done so, since her husband passed away.

This is all happened over one day, as I was going to give up, and throw in the towel with my business idea.
I dont think so, after hearing the comments, and the guy helping me, get properly started.
Dont give up hun,ive felt like that many a time,you have to be probly the worst person to be saying that,i always take critisium to heart,ive always thought problems with clients nails were down to me ,now ive learnt from here as soon as the client leaves you,you dont know what the hell your clients doing with their nails.

Some times i get really fed up with doing extensions,n it still takes me about three hours to do a set, the time ive done the first hand ive had enuff..i still keep thinking thinking may be i ll do just manis and pedis ,but the moneies not so good in dat,n then i keep coming up with ideas of training in another beauty treatment,but then i think i ll keep on at it,ive only been going mobile sinch sept this year,its too early to throw the towel in ,its gonna take me a long time to get speed up..but i must admit some peeps refuse their change,they usually say ..keep the change as youve been here long enough:irked:ok theres no need to have a dig at me..but thanx anyhow.

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