How do you use silk & resin to repair natural nails?


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I was just wondering if somebody can talk me through how you would use silk and resin to repair a natural nail crack/split/tear.

I have grown my nails really long now and am finding that they are starting to tear a bit more than usual due to the length (the do look gorgeous though and everyone thinks they are false nails because they are so long!).

I saw you can buy the resin and silk strips on e-bay etc, but not exactly sure if they are safe to use etc when you are not a trained nail technician, so I was just looking for some advice. I am a bit of a newbie at repairs etc. At the moment, I just use nail glue.

Many thanks for your help in advance :o) xxx

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its a job that needs to be done professionaly. theres a bit more to it than just glueing the silk on the crack.
i'm sure someone in your area will be able to help you out.


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Just to add the products sold on ebay are usually fakes and could be dangerous to use on the natural nail,
either get some training hun or find a nail tech that will do a NNO for you with silk, fibreglass, gel or acrylic hth