How long does a spray tan last?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by lea2721, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. lea2721
    hi im just looking for info as im thinking about getting spray tan .. i have never had one sprayed by somebody the only time ive had a spray tan was in a booth where its automatic and had a really bad experiance i went bright orange and patchy and when i got bath it started to go really patchy .. but reading topics on here it sounds like if i get some one to do then theyll will give me the shade i am after? am i right? and how will it fade and how long usually do they last? sorry if its daft but never had one like this and as i said the electric spray tan put me off completly lol x
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  2. Stephyy
    If you look after it so apply moisturiser after. Depending on how good the tan is it can last up to a week

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  3. harlsdiesel2
    Yeah definitely better to get someone to spray you.
    I always tell my clients honestly a spraytan looks it's best for the first 3/4 days after having it can last a good week if skin prep is done and aftercare followed.Xx
  4. lea2721
    thankyou i was relly worried after the machine spray tan lol and it was at a big name shop which worried me even more but looking at some pics on a thread some where below they look great.. how do i go about finding a good mobile spray tanner x

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  5. Lush-Lash
    I always say - it lasts on 'average' 5-7 days. I always give them aftercare too & make them aware how there tan is looked after determines it's life span. hth x
  6. Aleksandrea84
    If the product is a v good quality and they prepare the skin corectly and they will fallow the after care it will last about 7 days.
  7. besthands
    I tell my clients it lasts about 3-5 days on face, and 4-7on the rest of body. Some are longer as much as 7-10, a few are shorter, the gym rats don't get as much length due to all the sweating and extra showering. Its has much to do about after care, preprep, and how their skin takes the tan. DO go to someone that does HVLP and not a machine sprayer. DONT try to go real dark to start with until you see how their solution reacts with your skin type, you can always go darker next time if you desire. Good Luck! Have FUN!
  8. lea2721
    thankyou for advice cant wait i just want a natural tan.. can you still get a tan from the sun with fake tan on? i bet thats a really daft question lol x

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  9. fluffydreams

    Dont worry lea, thats a really common question.
    Spray tan does not provide SPF protection so you can certainly still get a tan from the sun, just be careful and use spf :) x

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