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Hi guys, I've been doing nails for two years solid now and still get those nervous prangs sometimes that I can't do it 100% perfect. I keep up with regular education, am a geek addict but still feel there are plenty ov areas I need to improve.

Would b interested in Knowing when all u top Geeks felt it all came together?

Can't wait to not hav any worries about the nails I complete!
Thanks guys:cool:
for me it came together when achieved my masters. i had it before then but lacked the confidence. hope this helps x
What are the specific areas in which you feel you need improvement?
Confidence really is about the type of person you are - I think it helps a bit to be a bit nervous as it shows you care about what you are doing. I get nervous every time I have a new client as I don't know what type of nails she will have or if she has been anywhere else in the past to have her nails done.

If you are generally a confident person in other walks of life then you may benefit from a one to one with an educator to iron out any problems you may have or even just for them to tell you that what you are doing is good.

If however you are generally a nervous person then you should be helped by the fact that your customers are coming back regularly and referring their friends to you.

Hope this helps a bit.
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