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May 13, 2006
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I was just looking through some of the threads and was wondering how long after compleating your nail couse did you get a job in a salon/ setup on your own?
As soon as I got my first certificate for insurance I rented a room in a shop x
After I had completed my first college course, I did lots of friends, relatives a cheaper rate until I felt confident and ready to charge full price. I started off doing clients at home then a salon job came along shortly after.
As soon as I got my pass certificate and insurance I rented a room over a hair salon, started with acrylic nails, mani & pedi, then few weeks later was in with spray tanning and waxing. Just love it. Go for it. Lotsa luv x
as soon as i passed i got a job in a salon this gave me good experience for when i opened my own nail bar.
As soon as I had passed my Foundation course I did lotsd of family and friends sets of nails for £10 each to practice, thinking about it now I did LOADS!!!!
I then did more courses, and once I felt a bit more confident I did a skill Building class before I set up my own business, it was about 6 months after that, I started working for myself!!
As soon as i passed my NVQ 2 in Beauty 2006, i started working evening & weekends from home sending out price list to friends and family and even to my work colleagues, Then when i felt like i had built up enough clientèle (which can take time) i went full time xx
As soon as i had completed my foundation course with creative i rented space in my friends hairdressers and inflicted my terrible nails on the public,
almost a year later when i was much better from all the practise i bought my own salon,
sounds great doesn't it
its not all plain sailing, you have to build up a regular full client base which i still don't have and you have to work for no wage when its your own salon and you are just setting up,
thought i would give you an insight into the reality of some of it, wont scare you with it all hun just yet :hug:
i was lucky enough to know a lady who owned a salon whilst i was training.
she took me on as an apprentice and i began by doing manicures and pedicures along with the reception etc.
as soon as i passed my first extension course i did half price sets on models in her salon and progressed after about 3 months onto full paying clients.

i spent about a year with her and it was fantastic experience for me and i owe her a huge debt of gratitude for taking me on.

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