How many lashes fall out before you worry?


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Feb 16, 2009
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Was wondering for eyelash extensions how many fall out before you start questioning whether your doing something wrong? If a few fall out within a week is that expected?
Well I always base it on the fact that a top up is averagely up to 20 lashes per eye and done at 2 weeks. So that means in theory they could lose 10 per week. But if that were the case I would want to improve it. It wouldn't be a panic but would need improving.
these are the things I did to decrease my client lash fall out...
changed adhesive. Now use eyelash emporium glue and love it
improved my ability to stick down the base of the lash firmly...changed the angle of my placing them
apply sealant at the end of every fitting
sell sealant to every client to use once a day...this has made a huge diff. eyelash emporium black sealant.
apply protein remover at the beginning
ensure client not using any products containing oils or moisturisers near eye including soft pencil eyeliner
applied more glue to each lash. was being too sparing. now apply more and spread with a cocktail stick all up the lash.
pay attention to angle of fitting to left eye as I'm right handed. make sure it's same angle as right eye fitting

all these things transformed my lash experience. I was at the point of sitting down and crying at first when mine wouldn't stay in. :-/ But having done all these things I now have a steadily and strongly growing client base and they are all happy to return and are getting me referals.

Good luck

As our own eyelashes shed every day, if a client has a very full
set, ie 100/120 lashes per eye, in theory she could lose 2-5 ish a day.
However, my general guidelines to clients is that their lashes should stay looking salon perfect for 2 weeks, then as they move into week 3, they may start seeing some loss of volume. Clients then come in at 3 weeks for infill.
If a client loses lots in the first 1-2 days, they have normaly got them wet within 24 hours. hth xx

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