How much to charge renter?


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Feb 3, 2008
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New Zealand
Im thinking about adding an independent hairdresser to my beauty salon. she's going to do all the necessary renovations, buy all her own product and do her own tax etc. i have no idea how much rent to charge her weekly. Would a commission scheme be a good option? And how much commission considering she's self employed under my roof. anybody been in a similar situation?
40% to you in this instance would be the 'norm' I believe. Or a set price per week. Just make sure your landlord contract says you can sub-let.
I would charge 150 to 160 pound a week if the water and electricity etc is all in.
Depends on the area to be honest.

The norm as banner said is 60/40 in favour of who provides the products. But remember if they are off on holiday/sick (as much as they like as self employed) you wont get paid.

If you set a weekly rent you should expect to get that 52 weeks per year, if they are using the space or not.


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