How to attract a clientel. New to this.


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Sep 29, 2010
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I am new tot he business and don't seem to have any clients coming in despite me advertising a lot and having special offers, is anyone one else experiencing these difficulties? And if they have any suggestions about what I can do, I feel like giving up
i am working from home after my normal job so its not my only income but i am havin the same problems i really want more clients especially as most of mine are students who dont come as regularly as i would like i guess it just takes time to build it up but a few more clients would be good
Hey! Dont be down hearted! It takes a good year to build a decent client base in my experience.

Where are you girls working? Mobile, salon?

Do you know any Hairdressers? I say this as they are fantastic adverts for you! Offer them a set of nails foc, then if they can introduce say 3 clients a month to you they get their infill 1/2 price. ( i have done this and it works)

Do you know anyone who has kids at the local primary school? Can you get them to take some leaflets and hand them around the other yummy mummy's? Do the same with one of the mums as you do with the hairdresser?

Dont give up, its not easy, but if you are a good tech you will get busy! x:)
I rent a room above an hairdressers

I do have step children and thinking I might get into pamper party for teenagers
I rent a room above an hairdressers

I do have step children and thinking I might get into pamper party for teenagers

These are a good idea, I have done a few myself. Just dont undercharge! They can be blooming hard work so make sure you earn enough out of it.
Just think how much the parents would pay for them all to go out for a meal, or bowling, or something similar. It wouldnt be cheap so neither should you x:)
I too am struggling at the moment,I was doing fairly well before I went on holiday but it seems as the weather has turned I have no clients coming.I have done a leaflet drop and a special offer on Shellac but no one yet has booked in,I emailed all the ladies that came to me with my offer so I am hoping that I get something. :( I dont want to give up but with no bookings I am feeling down.

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