How to become qualified as a beauty lecturer?


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Just an update - the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET) has assessor units so you may not have to enrol on a separate assessor course.




It's done by the Guild and accredited via the Guild! Enrolling via me just means that I get the referral points (sorry being a bit selfish there!). Its an online course and you can do the microteach via Skype.
After this course would we be fully qualified to go on and become a tutor in beauty?


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Hi. The Level 3 qualification is enough to help you tutor and be a trainer - some of our students have done this successfully. It can be done online and ours is accredited by TQUK visit
You would be required to do a teaching session on any topic of your choice (recorded and delivered to 3-4 people) and would have access to study materials and a tutor to guide you.


Yes this is it. However, I'd look at The Guild of Beauty Therapist - its only £295 plus VAT so a lot cheaper than the Beauty Academy. I did mine with The Guild!
Could you send the link to the guild one please? Thank you

Hi there,

I work in my local FE college as a lecturer (not in beauty) and for a lecturing post you will need to have, or be willing to work towards a PGCE/CertED (post graduate certificate in education/certificate in education). It's exactly the same course, but you will only be given the PGCE if you have a degree.

My college delivers the course in association with University of Glamorgan, so will employ you without it based on your experience, it it will be part of your contract to complete the course in a set time period. We did it part time, so it was one day a week for two years. You have to complete micro teaches (short 15 min sessions to your class peers) and will have to have a placement and complete observed teaching sessions.

They do offer other posts to get your foot in the door, like an instructor role, where you only need trade experience.

This is how it works with my college, others may be different. Have a look at some lecturer posts advertised in your area and see what qualifications thay would expect. Or give them a ring and ask. If you can become employed by the college first, they will often pay for you to complete the PGCE as part of your CPD (that's what happened with me).

There are opportunities to teach for a specific brand. I'm doing a Young Nails course in August with my local mentor. They have information on their website on how to become a mentor and teach using their products, sure other suppliers have something similar.

Have a good look round, do a lot of research and when in doubt, ring the places you are interested in working and ask.

Yes. DET or CET. I stopped st CET as no lecturer posts were coming forward so did more than I needed to be a Trainer but just a few modules left to complete to DET level if a lecturers post did crop up.