how to do a vintage manicure?


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Dec 8, 2004
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Hi all
Just wanted to bump this one up as I love the vintage mani look that Dita Von Theese wears but havent been able to perfect the look.
The lunular is bare or a contrasting colour to the rest of the nail.
I keep trying on myself but it looks messy ie I cant get a crisp clean line.
Any advice or a tutorial would be FAB guys!
Thanks again
Jayneym xxxx
not a clue mate, sorry.

Only thing i can think of is do it roughly then maybe a cocktail stick with cotton wool on the tip dipped in scrubfresh/polish remover to tidy up.

i think lotus blossom did one i will try and get a link
do you have any pics of her nails as im not sure what you mean :confused:
Cant find lotus blossoms thread it was to do with a nail art comp...i'll keep looking !
My mum used to do her nails like this a long time ago. She used to just paint freehand, leaving her half moons bare. . . OMG she must have had a steady hand!!

I hope this style of polish doesn't become too fashionable, it sounds like a complete nightmare to do :eek::lol:
I've done quite a few "moon" manicures, as I call them, its really pretty simple.
You just sort of make a small smile line with your polish, leaving the lunula exposed then pull the polish over the rest of the nail. with your second coat you fill in the gaps for even coverage.
to do 2 colors you polish the lunula first, then do your smile line near the eponychium and with the second coat fill in the gaps.
Now to do this with sheer colors, (like resembling Entity P&W nails) I found to be a nightmare. But with solid colors (try red moon, black nail!) its simple and very fun!
i am confused i need a picture to understand this

if anyone could help

thanks geeks :hug:
mmm this sounds hard! i am going to have to practice this incase people start
asking for it:eek:. picture would be great.
trust you carl lmfao

Understood loud and clear thanks xxxx

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